Fun Places to Go Ice Skating in Every State

Great Places to Ice Skate


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Great Places to Ice Skate

Time to Lace Up!

Some states transform into frozen paradises every winter that ice skating enthusiasts can't resist. But no matter where you live, you're probably not far from an amazing rink or arena that can bring the deep freeze to you. Whether you're the timid type who clings to the boards while skate-walking around the rink or a pirouetting show-off who waits until everyone is watching to land that perfect axel, there's an awesome place for you to lace up your skates and have some cool fun in all 50 states.

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Pelham Civic Center and Ice Arena in Oak Mountain, Alabama
Will L./Yelp

Alabama: Pelham Civic Center

Oak Mountain
About 20 minutes south of Birmingham is the massive Pelham Civic Center in Shelby County. There you'll find not one but two NHL-size ice rinks. You can host birthday parties or other special events there, enjoy open skating, and take hockey and figure skating lessons.

Westchester Lagoon
Cara H./Yelp

Alaska: The Backcountry

Various Locations
A 2017 short film documented a new phenomenon taking over the state of Alaska: backcountry skating. There's no arena. Instead, the rink is provided by the wild state's remote and rugged backcountry ice caves, glacial lagoons, icebergs, and frozen lakes. Interested in taking your love of skating beyond the confines of some maintained city rink? Join the Nordic-Skate group on Facebook and go find an adventure on ice.

AZ Ice Arcadia
AZ Ice Arcadia/Facebook

Arizona: AZ Ice Arcadia

You might not imagine that the desert city of Phoenix is home to one of the grandest ice arenas in the Southwest, but it's true. The AZ Ice Arcadia offers figure skating and hockey lessons as well as public skating, which is open Monday through Sunday to anyone of any skill level who loves the ice. Lace up rentals for $3.50, with admission discounts for children, students, seniors, and military.

Skatium in Little Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas: Skatium

Little Rock
You can get both an ice skating and a roller skating fix at the Skatium. Take lessons, host parties, or just head out for a night of slippery fun for $10 — $13 with ice or roller skates included — or take advantage of Cheap Skate Thursdays for just $7.

Half Dome Village in Yosemite National Park, California

California: Half Dome Village

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park is one of America's greatest national treasures, and skaters have been flocking to its pristine ice since 1928. The Half Dome Village Ice Rink is set in the heart of the park, with trees, open skies, the Half Dome rock formation itself, and the rest of Yosemite's natural beauty as the backdrop. If the ice gets too chilly, you can take a time out and snuggle up by a fire pit. Admission is $11 ($9.50 for kids) and skates are $4.50.

Keystone Lake
Keystone Resort/Facebook

Colorado: Keystone Lake

Among the most majestic winter playgrounds on Earth, Keystone Lake is a paradise for skiers, snowboarders, snowtubers, hikers, and, yes, ice skaters. There are two rinks set within the slopes and the surrounding wilderness: Dercum Square Ice Rink in River Run Village and the massive 5-acre Keystone Lake itself.

Danbury Arena
Danbury Arena/Facebook

Connecticut: Danbury Arena

The Danbury Arena boasts a heap of impressive partnerships that allow it to offer everything from hockey clinics and skating camps to adult leagues and youth tournaments. There's also a full calendar of public skating in case you're just looking to have a good time on freshly Zambonied ice.

Patriot Ice Center
The Patriot Ice Center/Facebook

Delaware: Patriot Ice Center

Home to organizations like the Delaware Ducks, the Diamond State Curling Club, and the Pond Penguins, the Patriot Ice Center takes a break from clubs, tournaments, and lessons to open its doors to the general public. Public skating costs $7 plus $3 for skate rentals. Teens and tweens are invited to glide along to music and lights at Cosmic Skate for $10.

Daytona Ice Arena
Daytona Ice Arena/Facebook

Florida: Daytona Ice Arena

When someone mentions Daytona, you probably think of party beaches and auto racing, but you should also think of ice skating. Unlike so many seasonal rinks, the Daytona Ice Arena is open year-round. Enroll in a hockey camp, learn curling or ice fit, take private lessons, or just have fun skating. Rentals are $4 and general admission is $7.50, with discounts for kids and the military. It's still Daytona, which means there is, of course, a bar.

Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia
Atlantic Station/Facebook

Georgia: Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station is home to 35 stores and 19 places to eat, not to mention the largest outdoor ice skating rink in the Southeast. Skate the Station costs $15, with discounts for seniors, kids, and the military. The last day to skate is Jan. 20, 2020.

Ice Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii
The Ice Palace Hawaii/Facebook

Hawaii: Ice Palace

If ice skating doesn't come to mind when you think of a tropical Pacific island chain made of volcanic rock, then you've never been to the Ice Palace. The unofficial home of ice sports in Hawaii since 1982, the Ice Palace hosts birthday parties and hockey games, as well as public skating, which costs $11.50, including skate rentals.

Idaho Ice World in Boise, Idaho

Idaho: Ice World

There are plenty of spots to lace up your skates in Idaho. Idaho Ice World offers visitors not just skating and hockey but an introduction to synchronized ice skating, figure skating, and one-of-a-kind "stroller skating" for kids and parents. Public skating is $7 for adults with discounts for kids and seniors. Skate rentals are $3.

Millennium Park
Millennium Park/Facebook

Illinois: Millennium Park

McCormick Tribune Ice Rink inside Millennium Park is open though late March to one and all. It's free to skate here, though you have to pay $13 for skate rental. In addition to open skating, the rink offers free lessons throughout the winter, and every first and third Thursday of the month, a DJ spins music in the evenings. 

Indiana State Fairgrounds
Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center/Facebook

Indiana: State Fairgrounds

Thanks to a partnership with Indiana Ice Arenas and Indy Fuel Hockey, residents and tourists alike can glide on pristine ice at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Located at the Pop Weaver Youth Pavilion, the rink is open to the general public. You can also plan a birthday party there and learn to figure skate or play hockey. Skate rentals are $3 and admission is $9.

Boji Bay Ice Arena
Boji Bay Ice Arena - Lakes Area Hockey/Facebook

Iowa: Boji Bay Ice Arena

Spirit Lake
Right in the middle of the Iowa Great Lakes region, you'll find Boji Bay Ice Arena. Lessons, hockey, and figure skating are all part of the action. Open skating is $6 and skate rental is $3. 

Kansas City Ice Center in Shawnee, Kansas
Kansas City Ice Center/Facebook

Kansas: Kansas City Ice Center

The Kansas City Ice Center hosts ice events of all kinds, including hockey tournaments, camps, clinics, and ice skating lessons. Are your skating skills so impressive that lessons aren't necessary? Then jump right into a public skate for $8 plus $4 for skate rentals.

Northern Kentucky Ice Center in Crescent Springs, Kentucky
Northern Kentucky Ice Center/Facebook

Kentucky: Northern Kentucky Ice Center

Crescent Springs
The Northern Kentucky Skating Club and the Northern Kentucky Youth Hockey Association both call the Northern Kentucky Ice Center home. The only indoor ice rink in the region that's open year-round, the NKIC boasts both a small studio rink and a full NHL-size rink.

Planet Ice Hockey and Skating Rink
Planet Ice Hockey and Skating Rink/Facebook

Louisiana: Planet Ice

Skating is open to the public Monday through Friday at Planet Ice. The brand-new arena is home not only to a family-friendly ice rink, but also to party rooms, concessions, and entertainment for ice-weary kids and grown-ups alike. Admission is $12, which includes skate rental.

Waterhouse Center
Town of Kennebunk, Maine/Facebook

Maine: Waterhouse Center

The Waterhouse Center is home to a rink that measures a full 100 by 120 feet. Thinking of heading down to the outdoor, covered rink? If so, smile: Your skating exploits are taking place live on a webcam. The in-house Zamboni, which is sponsored by a local tavern, makes frequent rounds to keep the ice professionally maintained.

Ice World in Abingdon, Maryland
Ice World/Facebook

Maryland: Ice World

Ice World is an enormous facility where you can learn to skate, play hockey, figure skate, or skate freestyle — you can even learn how to land an axel. Lessons are available for kids and you can also join a team, if you think you've got the chops. Not up for all that? Regular public skating costs $12.

The Boston Common Frog Pond in Boston, Massachusetts
Frog Pond Boston/Facebook

Massachusetts: Boston Common Frog Pond

Famous among locals, Frog Pond exists through a partnership with the city and the Skating Club of Boston. The price of admission to the iconic outdoor rink is based on the height of the skater. For skaters 58 inches or taller, admission is $6. For those under 58 inches, admission is free.

Campus Martius in Detroit, Michigan
Campus Martius Park/Facebook

Michigan: Frankenmuth Rink

A worldwide winter destination set among the Great Lakes, Michigan might have more quality skating options than any other state — but if you can only pick one, it's got to be Skate the Frankenmuth Rink at Campus Martius. Every year, skaters from across the country and world flock to the rink to skate beneath the skyline of the Motor City — and you can too, for $10 plus $5 for skates. Discounts are available for kids and seniors.

Wells Fargo WinterSkate in St. Paul, Minnesota

Minnesota: Wells Fargo WinterSkate

St. Paul
Minnesota is called "the Land of 10,000 Lakes," and in the winter, most of them are frozen. That makes it a little tough to nail down the majestic state's most impressive ice skating venue. But Wells Fargo WinterSkate takes the prize for a few reasons. First, it's refrigerated, which means you don't have to rely on warning signs or wait for ice to thicken naturally. Second, it's free. Skate rental is $5 but free if you have a Wells Fargo bank card.

Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center in Biloxi, Mississippi
Mississippi Coast Coliseum/Facebook

Mississippi: Coast Coliseum and Convention Center

If you travel between Pensacola and Baton Rouge, you'll find just one public ice rink, and it's inside the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center. Visitors and skating enthusiasts from all over the region flock there for 90-minute public sessions, which cost $12 including rental skates.

Steinberg Skating Rink in St. Louis, Missouri
Steinberg Skating Rink/Facebook

Missouri: Steinberg Skating Rink

St. Louis
Steinberg Skating Rink in the Forest Park section of St. Louis is the biggest ice arena not just in Missouri but in the entire Midwest. Public skating is open all day, every day. The facility never closes for private sessions, and you can skate as long as you like. Admission is $8, and skate rentals are $7.

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park/Facebook

Montana: Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park
If you're a winter person, few places on Earth are as pristine and majestic as Glacier National Park. The park welcomes skaters to its boundless supply of natural frozen lakes, ponds, streams and glacial lagoons. If you're looking for something less adventurous, the park is also close to arenas like Glacier Ice Rink in Missoula and Stumptown Ice Den in Whitefish.

Moylan Tranquility Iceplex
Moylan Tranquility Iceplex/Facebook

Nebraska: Moylan Iceplex

Skaters have two rinks at their disposal at Moylan Iceplex: an NHL-size rink and a slightly larger Olympic rink. The complex offers lessons and hockey league play in addition to open skating. Skate rental is $9 for adults and $7 for kids, and includes skate rental.

SoBe Ice Arena
Sobe Ice Arena/Facebook

Nevada: SoBe Ice Arena

Las Vegas
About 10 minutes off the Strip, you'll find the SoBe Ice Arena, which is, in a word, huge. The facility is a full 31,000 square feet, and its massive rink is surrounded by arcades, party rooms, and concessions. The facility welcomes everyone, young and old, novice and expert, and it offers some of the least expensive fun in Sin City. Admission is $7 plus $3 rental; the rental fee is waived on Sundays.

Tohko Dome Ice Skating
Purity Spring Resort

New Hampshire: King Pine

King Pine at Purity Spring Resort is best known for its 17 trails, five lifts, and dozens of inches of snow per season, all of which lure armies of skiers from around the region every year. What the regulars know, however, is that the resort's Tohko Dome offers some great ice skating, conveniently located just across from the resort’s base lodge. Admission is $6.

The Ice House
Ice House Hackensack NJ/Facebook

New Jersey: The Ice House

The Ice House claims to be the "largest facility of its kind in the tri-state area." That's hard to dispute, considering the massive arena is home to four NHL-size rinks. The Ice House has won accolades from NHL players and pro skaters alike.

Outpost Ice Arenas in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Outpost Ice Arenas/Facebook

New Mexico: Outpost Ice Arenas

The CooLLoop at the Outpost Ice Arenas is unlike anything in the ice skating universe. By using hydraulic boards, the CooLLoop can be transformed into nearly a fifth of a mile of ice. A general run at the Outpost Ice Arenas will run you $10, including the CooLLoop.

The Rink at Rockefeller Center in New York City, New York

New York: The Rink at Rockefeller Center

New York City
There are few experiences like skating outdoors under the gaze of thousands of passing spectators in Midtown Manhattan — a short walk from Times Square and the Broadway Theater District — and in the shadow of the most famous Christmas tree in the world. Not one of the Big Apple’s cheapest activities, skating at the Rink at Rockefeller Center is $33 during peak season (Dec. 15 to Jan. 1) and $25 off-peak, plus $13 for skate rental.

Extreme Ice Center in Indian Trail, North Carolina
Extreme Ice Center/Facebook

North Carolina: Extreme Ice Center

Indian Trail
The Extreme Ice Center offers everything from yoga and a performance center to a tavern and a pro shop — but the real draw is the ice. Public skates take place regularly, and novices can join a learn-to-skate program. Figure skating instruction is also available, as are programs for hockey players, Special Olympians, and anyone else who loves the ice. Public skate admission is $7 and up, skate rentals are $4, and discounts are available for kids.

Maysa Arena
Minot Park District

North Dakota: Maysa Arena

It's tough to single out the one best ice rink in the NHL-star factory that is the state of North Dakota, but the Maysa Arena in the Minot Park District might just be it. The rates are affordable, just $4 each for admission and skates, but the rink spares no expense. The third-largest ice arena in the state, Maysa is a massive, pro-level facility.

The Pond Ice Skating Rink
The Pond Ice Skating Rink/Facebook

Ohio: The Pond

Chagrin Falls
In the town of Chagrin Falls lies a magnificent ice rink known only as The Pond. Famous for its family-friendly atmosphere, The Pond hosts birthday parties, runs hockey programs, and, of course, offers public skating. Admission is $6, and skate rental is another $4.

Arctic Edge Ice Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Arctic Edge/Facebook

Oklahoma: Arctic Edge

Oklahoma City
Arctic Edge truly has something for everyone. Synchronized skating is available, as are competitive skating sessions, camps, and classes. But as a novice just looking for some fun on the ice, you can skate your heart out on some of the best ice in the state for $9 and $3 for rentals. Discounts are available for kids, during Tuesday Family Skate, and during Saturday Military Skate.

The Rink Exchange in Eugene, Oregon
The Rink Exchange/Facebook

Oregon: The Rink Exchange

The Rink Exchange is an arena with ice quality that has attracted several youth and amateur hockey organizations, figure skating clubs, and even the University of Oregon's men's hockey team, all of which call the rink home. The cost is $8 for public skating sessions, with discounts for kids, seniors, and military, and skate rentals are $3.

Skytop Lodge
Brian D./Yelp

Pennsylvania: Skytop Lodge

Skytop Lodge is located in the region of Northeastern Pennsylvania known as the Poconos — a natural mountain paradise that transforms into a frozen wonderland in the winter. The majestic Skytop Lodge has something for every season. When weather permits, the lake becomes a massive skating pavilion.

The Providence Rink in Providence, Rhode Island
The Providence Rink/Facebook

Rhode Island: The Providence Rink

The Providence Rink is located inside the BankNewport City Center, a massive complex with entertainment of all shapes and sizes. Not the least of which is ice skating — or ice bumper cars, if that's more your speed. Entry is $7 for adults, with several discounts available.

Carolina Ice Palace in North Charleston, South Carolina
Carolina Ice Palace/Facebook

South Carolina: Carolina Ice Palace

North Charleston
Looking to skate like the pros? Head to the Carolina Ice Palace, which boasts two NHL-size rinks. Delighting skaters since 1997, the facility has hosted numerous high-profile hockey tournaments, including the South Atlantic Regionals Figure Skating Championships and the USA Hockey “Pee Wee” National Championship. Pros from both the St. Louis Blues and the Buffalo Sabres have skated there. You can do the same for $8, or $7 if you bring your own blades.

Roosevelt Ice Arena in Rapid City, South Dakota
Roosevelt Ice Arena/Facebook

South Dakota: Roosevelt Ice Arena

Rapid City
The Roosevelt Ice Arena pairs local hockey mentors with up-and-coming NHL stars — but the beautiful, modern arena isn't just about hockey. The rink is open for public skating throughout each week. Daily admission is $6 plus $4 for skate rental.

Ford Ice Center in Antioch, Tennessee
Ford Ice Center/Facebook

Tennessee: Ford Ice Center

The NHL's Nashville Predators practice skate at the Ford Ice Center — and you can too, for $7.50 for adults plus $3 for skates. The professional-caliber arena offers public skating, and the more adventurous or highly skilled can learn figure skating or join a hockey team.

Discovery Green
Discovery Green/Facebook

Texas: The Ice at Discovery Green

Ready to experience what Houstonia Magazine calls "the largest outdoor skating arena in the Southwest"? Admission to the 7,716-square-foot ICE at Discovery Green is $11 and skate rental is $4, but a wide variety of discounts are available.

The Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City and Gallivan Center Events/Facebook

Utah: The Gallivan Center

Salt Lake City
The Valda E. Tarbet Ice Rink at the Gallivan Center includes a massive, recently renovated ice rink and surrounding pavilion that offers plenty to do when it's time to hang up the skates, including food, drinks, fire pits, and people watching. The $9 admission fee includes skate rental, and discounts are available for seniors, kids, and large groups.

Okemo Mountain Resort
Okemo Mountain Resort

Vermont: Okemo Mountain Resort

One of the world's greatest winter wonderlands, Vermont certainly has no shortage of magnificent options for ice skaters — and the Ice House at Okemo Mountain Resort just might be the best of them all. It's covered but cold — you won't forget you're in Vermont. The rink is regulation size and the ice is resurfaced regularly for professional conditions, while the antique ice tools that adorn the walls bring Vermont's rugged history to life. Unlimited skating is $7, as are skate rentals.

Fairfax Ice Arena
Fairfax Ice Arena/Facebook

Virginia: Fairfax Ice Arena

Not only is daily skating open to the public, but visitors to the Fairfax Ice Arena can learn freestyle skating, hockey, or just take regular skating lessons. The winter skating season runs through March, and the $8.25 weekday and $9.25 weekend entry fees are reduced for groups, kids, and other special visitors.

Highland Ice Arena
Highland Ice Arena/Facebook

Washington: Highland Ice Arena

The Highland Ice Arena has been family owned since 1962. For more than half a century, skaters have been flocking to Highland, which is open 365 days a year. The ice there is good enough for the Highland Skating Club, the Washington Ice Emeralds Synchronized Skating Team, and the Washington Wild Female Hockey Association.

Memorial Ice Arena
South Charleston Memorial Ice Arena Official/Facebook

West Virginia: Memorial Ice Arena

South Charleston
The Memorial Ice Arena lures skaters from across the state with pristine ice and a schedule packed with figure skating and hockey lessons, as well as public skating, an arcade, party rooms, and specialty programs like Totsicles and Learn 2 Skate. Admission is $10 or $15 for the full day and skate rentals are included.

The Edgewater Madison
The Edgewater Madison/Facebook

Wisconsin: The Edgewater

Ice skating is all about scenery, and the ice rink at the Edgewater hotel is scenic if nothing else. Situated on the roof of the AAA Four Diamond Award-winning hotel, the elevated ice rink overlooks Lake Mendota. The historic Capitol dome provides the backdrop on the opposite side. Skate rentals are $3, and admission is $7 for adults, with discounts available for students, children, and seniors.

Sheridan Ice in Sheridan, Wyoming
Sheridan Ice M&M's Center/Facebook

Wyoming: Sheridan Ice

If you're looking for the perfect place to skate in Wyoming, head to the M&M's Center in Sheridan, which is home to Sheridan Ice. Youth hockey is available for the young and the very young, and adults can get in on the action too, whether they want to play hockey or learn figure skating. Prices vary, but one thing is certain — the Zamboni is covered in M&M's.