Over-the-Top Home Office Pods for Working From Home

Autonomous Work Pod


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Autonomous Work Pod

A Home Office Sanctuary

The dog's barking at the delivery man for the umpteenth time, the kids are isolating and on Zoom, and your significant other is wandering through the house taking work calls — all while you're trying to get some work done. Enter the office pod, which became trendy as soon as countless people began working from home. Known by names such as phone booths, acoustic pods, and home office capsules, these stand-alone structures are meant to create a mini-home office where there is none. The trend grew so much that Nissan unveiled a concept vehicle with a built-in office pod that we're majorly coveting. Until that becomes widely available, here are a few office pods meant to be used inside a home or in an outdoor space.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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Black PoppinPod Om Sit


$6,399 and up from PoppinPod
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PoppinPod offers pods in two collections: lower-priced Om units and more expensive Kolo units. The former ships fully assembled, while the latter requires assembly, which the company says takes less than two hours. Other than that, each has shared and unique product features, but the higher-priced Kolos are more customizable and have lighting that can be dimmed and color-controlled.

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TalkBox Slide, Light Exterior

TalkBox Single Booth

$4,875 and up from TalkBox
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The made-in-the-U.S.A. TalkBox Single Booth can be ordered with a white, light gray, oak, or dark gray exterior, and you can customize your acoustic panel color, trim, and request expert assembly if you'd rather not put it together yourself. Other features include a space-saving sliding door, noise-reduction, USB and electrical outlets, a dimmable LED light, and more.

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Cubicall Two Series Phone Booth

Cubicall 2 Series Phone Booth

$7,995 and up from Cubicall
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Another made-in-the-U.S. acoustic pod, the Cubicall comes in standard units as well as some limited and special editions (fancy a "Bill & Ted"-themed pod, anyone?). The standard units come in five colors with two USB outlets, a 120-volt outlet, an Ethernet connection, automatic LED lights, and a built-in fan.

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Zenbooth Solo, Maple Exterior/Maple Interior

Zenbooth Solo

$4,895 and up from Zenbooth
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The Solo model from Zenbooth comes in white and maple exterior and interior finishes, and a stationary desk is also included, although you can upgrade to an adjustable desk for a few hundred dollars more. Other features include an "optimized" acoustic experience, dimmable LED lighting, a skylight ceiling, a ventilation system, and plenty of outlets.

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EmagiKit Privacy Pod Plus

EmagiKit Privacy Pod Plus

$7,995 and up from Emagispace
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This "personal privacy solution" from Emagispace comes in a number of customizable exterior and interior colors, and buyers can choose to add a window. Other features include sound resistance, dimmable LED lights, exhaust fan, adjustable work desk, 120V and USB outlets, and adjustable casters for easy maneuverability. The company says two people can assemble the unit in less than an hour.

ROOM Phone Booth, Dark

ROOM Phone Booth

$5,995 and up from ROOM
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With 28 decibels of noise reduction, the phone booth from ROOM promises a distraction-free workspace with a built-in desk and magnetic board, smart sensor that activates the ventilation fans and lights, two power outlets, and an Ethernet port. The booth comes in white and black, and the company makes some accessories, including a chair, available for an extra charge. It ships flat and assembly is supposed to be "fast and easy."

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The Pillar Booth, White

The Pillar Booth

$6,395 and up from Pillar
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Chicago-based Pillar offers a home office pod that includes features such as acoustic paneling and fabric and a magnetic door seal, LED lighting, a height-adjustable desk, and four ventilation fans. Buyers can customize their booth's accent panels in one of eight colors. The booth ships in four flat boxes; Pillar says two people can assemble it with only an Allen wrench in about 30 minutes.

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Loop Solo

Loop Solo

Around $8,000 and up from Loop
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With its funky shape, customizable colors, and other fun features, the Canadian-made Loop Solo is a great option for people who want their home office pod to have some personality and style. Standard features include a built-in desk, customizable outlets, LED light, ergonomic bench seat, and circulation system. From there, buyers can customize a wide variety of finishes. There are at least 10 Loop Phone Booth dealers in the U.S., but if you don't have one near you, you can contact the company directly for a quote and other inquiries.

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Framery O

Framery 'O' Pod

Around $8,400 and up from Framery
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Finnish company Framery has locations across the U.S. where you can go check out a pod in person. Their one-person "O" model features sound insulation via acoustic foam and felt fabric, anti-static and stain-resistant carpet, a ventilation system, built-in Formica laminate and birch plywood table, a desk chair, and more. The company website has a configurator that lets you design your pod kind of like you would a new car.

Thinktanks 1 Person Booth, White

Thinktanks 1 Person Booth

$6,795 and up from Thinktanks
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Thinktanks home office pod has all the usual features — outlets, soundproofing, a mounted sitting/standing desk, and ventilation fans — and is flat-shipped to your home with an average assembly time of one to four hours. The unit is made from eco-friendly recycled aluminum.

ÖÖD Mini Office

ÖÖD Home Office

$24,600 and up from ÖÖD
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One of the outdoor office pod options on this list, the ÖÖD Home Office is a bit more involved than interior pods — i.e. it can require permits, a foundation, etc. — so you can't just order one to be shipped to your home. You can fill out a website form to start the process, though. Each unit is about 21-by-11 feet and just over 10 feet high. The price covers things such as interior finishing and lights, ventilation, heating/cooling, and some interior fixtures and appliances; others such as electrical, water, or sewage utilities must be handled by the client.

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Yardadu Zen Office 01


$30,900 and up from Yardadu
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Another pricier outdoor pod option, Yardadu's "turnkey backyard offices" come in three models: the 113-square-foot Zen Office 01; a 123-square-foot Focus Office; and the 121-square-foot Productivity Office. Each comes preassembled, includes space for lounging as well as working, and the company offers financing starting at $349 monthly. If you're not sure if the unit will work in your outdoor space, you can reach out to the company for a free analysis.

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Autonomous Work Pod

Autonomous Work Pod

$20,900 and up from Autonomous
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The Autonomous Work Pod is another outdoor option. The unit includes a workspace and shelving with minimalist design, some tempered glass walls for open views, a vaulted ceiling, and more. The unit also comes furnished with a desk and chair.