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Cheapism / Tammy T./Aesha E./Yelp

Hidden Gems

Hidden bars, or speakeasies, date back to an era of secrecy and exclusivity. During the Prohibition era (we know people were going crazy), these bars created an intimate and unique drinking experience that modern patrons still crave. These clandestine establishments, often concealed behind unmarked doors, secret entrances, or within other businesses, also offer a unique glimpse into the past. 

Whether it's the nostalgic ambiance of a Prohibition-era speakeasy (or a bar inspired by the era), the playful decor, or the impressive mixology, these bars provide a special allure that makes the journey of finding them worthwhile. Dive into our guide to discover the top hidden bars across America, serving everything from wine and beer to expertly crafted cocktails.

The Marble Ring, Birmingham, Alabama
John L./Yelp

Alabama: The Marble Ring

Located in the Avondale neighborhood, The Marble Ring transports you back to the Prohibition era. Guests enter through a faux bookcase in the back of a hot dog restaurant. Known for its glamorous 1920s decor, this speakeasy offers delicious cocktails, craft beers, and an intimate, cozy atmosphere that feels like a step back in time.

Panhandle Bar, Juneau, Alaska

Alaska: Panhandle Bar

Tucked away in a nondescript building, the Panhandle Bar is Juneau's hidden gem. This bar is known for its rustic charm, complete with wooden interiors and local memorabilia. The friendly bartenders serve up Alaskan brews and inventive cocktails, making it a favorite among locals looking for a quiet place to unwind.

36 Below, Phoenix
Brittany H./Yelp

Arizona: 36 Below

Hidden beneath the streets of Phoenix, 36 Below is an underground bar that requires a password for entry. The ambiance is upscale yet inviting, with dim lighting and plush seating. Patrons rave about the innovative cocktail menu that features seasonal ingredients and creative presentations.

Ciao Baci, Little Rock, Arkansas
Michelle A./Yelp

Arkansas: Ciao Baci

Little Rock
While not hidden in the traditional sense, Ciao Baci's bar area is an under-the-radar spot within a popular restaurant. Known for its extensive wine list and classic cocktails, this intimate space is perfect for a low-key night out. The bartenders are also known for their personalized service and expert mixology.

Wilson & Wilson, San Francisco
Toni C./Yelp

California: Wilson & Wilson

San Francisco
A bar within a bar, Wilson & Wilson is a speakeasy located inside the iconic Bourbon & Branch in San Fran. Entry requires a reservation and a password. Known for its detective agency theme and vintage decor, this bar offers a unique experience with expertly crafted cocktails and a sophisticated (yet very cool) atmosphere.

Williams & Graham, Denver
Tammy T./Yelp

Colorado: Williams & Graham

Williams & Graham is a bookstore-themed speakeasy where patrons enter through a hidden door behind a bookcase. Known for its extensive cocktail menu and cozy, dimly lit interior, this bar offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern mixology. It's also a great spot for those seeking a unique date night experience.

Conspiracy, Middletown, Connecticut
Jon R./Yelp

Connecticut: Conspiracy

Tucked away in the scenic and adorable neighborhood of Middletown, Conspiracy is a stylish spot that's known for its sleek, modern design and creative cocktail menu. The bar is intimate and elegant, offering a perfect setting for a sophisticated night out.

Torbert Street Social, Wilmington, Delaware
Jesse C./Yelp

Delaware: Torbert Street Social

Located in a historic building, Torbert Street Social is a hidden gem with a speakeasy vibe. Guests enter through a discreet side entrance to find themselves in a chic, intimate space, complete with a dimly-lit ambiance. The bar is also known for its craft cocktails and extensive whiskey selection, making it a favorite among locals.

Spanglish, Miami
Marietta C./Yelp

Florida: Spanglish

Nestled in Miami's vibrant Wynwood area, Spanglish is a top pick among the city's secret bars. Known for its cocktails, craft beer, and gourmet tapas, Spanglish offers a vibrant and artistic atmosphere that encapsulates the Miami spirit. The bar's unique decor and dynamic energy also make it a standout in the bustling city.

The Red Phone Booth, Atlanta
Vivian L./Yelp

Georgia: The Red Phone Booth

Atlanta (Two locations)
Guests enter The Red Phone Booth through a British-style telephone box after providing a password. Known for its classic cocktails and extensive cigar selection, this speakeasy also features a cozy and sophisticated ambiance.

Gaslamp, Kailua, Hawaii
Zaneth A./Yelp

Hawaii: Gaslamp

Hidden within the walls of Kailua Town Pub and Grill, Gaslamp is a lively lounge offering killer cocktails, craft beer, and burgers. To enter, guests need a reservation and a password. The intimate setting and expertly-crafted drinks make it a favorite among locals​ and visitors alike. The bar also features live music.

Press & Pony, Boise, Idaho
Amie P./Yelp

Idaho: Press & Pony

This cozy spot in Idaho prides itself on a curated cocktail menu made by expert bartenders. Patrons love the personalized service, where you can request a custom cocktail based on your preferences.

Chicago Magic Lounge, Chicago
Aesha E./Yelp

Illinois: Chicago Magic Lounge

Part speakeasy, part magic show, Chicago Magic Lounge offers a unique blend of entertainment, craft cocktails, and small plates. Guests enter through a laundromat to find themselves in an enchanting world of magic and mixology. The intimate setting and interactive shows make it a standout in Chitown.

Wiseguy Lounge, Indianapolis
Jeremiah C./Yelp

Indiana: Wiseguy Lounge

Located behind Goodfellas Pizza, Wiseguy Lounge transports patrons to the roaring 20s. This Prohibition-style speakeasy offers over 400 bourbons, rotating beers on tap, and hand-crafted cocktails. The dimly lit bar with dark wood and cozy couches makes it a perfect escapade for an adventurous night out with friends.

Cellar 626, Ames, Iowa
Alex W./Yelp

Iowa: Cellar 626

Found behind an unassuming steel door in Cyclone Liquors, Cellar 626 is one of Iowa’s best-kept secrets. Open only on Thursdays and Fridays, it offers a wide selection of spirits, beer, and wine. The space is also available for private events.

324 Speakeasy, Manhattan, Kansas
KA P./Yelp

Kansas: 324 Speakeasy

Located in the Marshall Theater, 324 Speakeasy requires a membership or password for entry. The upscale bar features attention to detail in decor and a superb selection of spirits, especially whiskey. The exclusive club feel and expertly-crafted drinks make it a hidden treasure in Kansas.

Hell or High Water, Louisville, Kentucky
LiLian B./Yelp

Kentucky: Hell or High Water

Situated behind Whiskey Row, this swanky speakeasy features a hidden entrance and a two-story library. Guests can enjoy a meticulously crafted menu of cocktails and beers, as well as an extensive bourbon selection in an intimate, vintage setting.

Polo Club Lounge, New Orleans
Tom C./Yelp

Louisiana: Polo Club Lounge

New Orleans
Located in the luxurious Windsor Court Hotel, Polo Club Lounge offers plush surroundings, classic cocktails, and live jazz music. Known for its signature Pinhook Sazerac, this bar provides a luxurious escape with its overstuffed furniture and "elevated pub fare" aesthetic.

Bramhall, Portland, Maine
Rodney M./Yelp

Maine: Bramhall

Descend the stairs off Congress Street to find Bramhall, a speakeasy with stone walls and stained glass windows. Known for its inventive comfort food and extensive local beer selection, this bar offers a cozy, intimate atmosphere that's perfect for date night.

The Elk Room, Baltimore
Drew S./Yelp

Maryland: The Elk Room

Adjacent to the popular Tagliata restaurant, The Elk Room is a cozy speakeasy boasting an old school 1920s charm. The drinks are expertly crafted, and the ambiance is enhanced by a private cigar bar and poker room. The bar also boasts an extensive wine and beer list.

Wink & Nod, Boston
Christina A./Yelp

Massachusetts: Wink & Nod

Wink & Nod is a speakeasy located in the South End of Boston. Known for its rotating kitchen pop-ups and creative cocktails, this quirky bar offers a unique dining and drinking experience in a cozy, dimly-lit setting.

The Last Word, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jeff D./Yelp

Michigan: The Last Word

Ann Arbor
This hidden bar is located in an alleyway and offers a speakeasy vibe with a focus on craft cocktails and beer. Known for its classic and contemporary drinks, The Last Word provides an intimate setting with expert bartenders and a wide variety of spirits.

Volstead's Emporium, Minneapolis
Danny A./Yelp

Minnesota: Volstead's Emporium

Enter through an unmarked door in a back alley to find Volstead's Emporium. This speakeasy offers a dark, cozy atmosphere with a menu of classic and innovative cocktails.

Apothecary at Brent's Drugs, Jackson, Mississippi
Darnelle H./Yelp

Mississippi: Apothecary at Brent's Drugs

Located behind a soda counter, Apothecary (we love the name) offers a nostalgic vibe with its prohibition-style decor and ambiance. Known for its craft cocktails and intimate setting, this hidden bar provides a unique experience for those visiting Jackson.

The Conductor Club, Kansas City, Missouri
Trish K./Yelp

Missouri: The Conductor Club

Kansas City
Hidden inside Union Station, The Conductor Club offers themed pop-up bars throughout the year. Each theme brings a new drink menu and decor, making every visit a unique experience. The bar’s creativity and exclusive feel make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Charlie's Bar
RunAway B./Yelp

Montana: Charlie B's

Behind a nondescript door, Charlie B's offers a laid-back dive bar atmosphere with a focus on local beers and classic cocktails. The bar's no-frills approach and friendly vibe make it a beloved spot for Missoula residents looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy a few drinks.

Berry & Rye, Omaha, Nebraska
Rachel L./Yelp

Nebraska: Berry & Rye

Located in the Old Market district, Berry & Rye is open seven days a week and offers a speakeasy vibe with a focus on craft cocktails. The bar is known for its meticulous attention to detail in drink preparation and its intimate, dimly lit setting.

The Laundry Room, Las Vegas
Evangeline C./Yelp

Nevada: The Laundry Room

Las Vegas
Hidden within Commonwealth, The Laundry Room offers a speakeasy experience with a focus on craft cocktails and intimate service in good ol' sin city. Just note: reservations are required to enter.

The Birch on Elm, Manchester, New Hampshire
Russell W./Yelp

New Hampshire: The Birch on Elm

The Birch on Elm is a hidden gem located in the heart of Manchester. Known for its farm-to-table approach and creative cocktails, this bar offers an intimate setting with a focus on quality and innovation. It also boasts an extensive beer and wine list.

Cellar 335, Jersey City, New Jersey
Ritesh S./Yelp

New Jersey: Cellar 335

Jersey City
Located in the heart of Jersey City, Cellar 335 offers a unique underground tiki bar experience. Tucked away beneath a historic building, this hidden gem features a dark, festive ambiance with creative tiki cocktails and Asian-influenced modern American cuisine.

Apothecary Lounge, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dandy D./Yelp

New Mexico: Apothecary Lounge

Perched atop Hotel Parq Central, the Apothecary Lounge offers stunning views of the city along with its hidden bar charm. Known for its rooftop garden and prohibition-era cocktails, this bar serves up the perfect blend of ambiance and expertly crafted drinks. The vintage decor and exclusive feel make it a must-visit in Albuquerque.

Attaboy, New York City
Christopher V./Yelp

New York: Attaboy

New York City
Located on the Lower East Side, Attaboy is a speakeasy that offers a personalized cocktail experience. There’s no menu; instead, patrons describe their preferences to the bartenders who then craft bespoke drinks. The intimate, unmarked entrance and expert mixology make it one of NYC’s top hidden bars. (Trust this native New Yorker).

Antidote, Asheville, North Carolina
Kara B./Yelp

North Carolina: Antidote

Antidote in Asheville is styled as a 20th-century apothecary, offering a unique three-story bar experience. Known for its fine beer, wine, and craft cocktails, it operates as a private club requiring a nominal membership fee. The bar’s exclusive atmosphere and unique drinks make it a standout in a city that's known for its breweries.

The Boiler Room, Fargo, North Dakota
Ellen L./Yelp

North Dakota: The Boiler Room

Hidden below a bustling restaurant, The Boiler Room offers a cozy, subterranean bar experience. Known for its industrial chic decor and creative cocktails, this bar is a local favorite. It also offers local and international beers on tap.

The Walrus, Columbus, Ohio
TaNeisha J./Yelp

Ohio: The Walrus

Tucked away in a busy part of downtown Columbus, The Walrus is known for its eclectic decor and extensive drink menu. The bar offers a laid-back atmosphere with live music and a diverse selection of craft beers and cocktails. The hidden entrance adds to its charm, making it a popular spot for those seeking a unique experience.

The Patriarch, Edmond, Oklahoma
Matthew H./Yelp

Oklahoma: The Patriarch

Housed in a historic home, The Patriarch offers a hidden bar experience with a focus on craft beer and cocktails. The bar’s multiple rooms and outdoor seating provide a cozy and intimate atmosphere for both visitors and locals.

Multnomah Whiskey Library, Portland, Oregon
Jordan H./Yelp

Oregon: Multnomah Whiskey Library

Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland offers a sophisticated speakeasy experience with its extensive whiskey collection and plush seating. Guests can enjoy a curated drink menu in a setting reminiscent of an old library. The bar’s exclusivity and expert staff make it a standout among the city's vibrant bar scene.

Hop Sing Laundromat, Philadelphia
David F./Yelp

Pennsylvania: Hop Sing Laundromat

Hidden behind a nondescript door in Chinatown, Hop Sing Laundromat is a speakeasy known for its strict rules and exceptional cocktails. Guests wearing shorts, sneakers, sandals, or a hat, will be denied entrance, according to a Bon Appetit review. Still, patrons appreciate the meticulous attention to detail in the drinks and ambiance.

The Avery, Providence, Rhode Island
Rick M./Yelp

Rhode Island: The Avery

The Avery in Providence offers a speakeasy vibe with its dark, intimate setting and classic cocktails. Located in an unmarked building, the bar is known for its vintage decor and expertly crafted drinks that'll have you feeling like a Kennedy on a luxurious New England getaway.

The Blind Tiger Pub, Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina: The Blind Tiger Pub

The Blind Tiger Pub, hidden behind a lush courtyard, offers a historic speakeasy experience. Known for its classic cocktails, craft beer, and charming ambiance, the bar provides a cozy escape in the heart of Charleston.

Carpenter Bar, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Pirh Z./Yelp

South Dakota: Carpenter Bar

Sioux Falls
Located in a historic building, Carpenter Bar offers a sophisticated bar experience. Known for its elegant decor and creative cocktails, the spot provides a perfect setting for a quiet night out. The hidden entrance and upscale vibe make it a standout.

The Patterson House, Nashville, Tennessee
Kelley B./Yelp

Tennessee: The Patterson House

The Patterson House offers a speakeasy experience with its unmarked entrance and prohibition-era decor. Known for its meticulously crafted cocktails and intimate setting, the bar is a favorite among Nashville’s cocktail (and whiskey) enthusiasts.

Midnight Cowboy, Austin, Texas
Morgan D./Yelp

Texas: Midnight Cowboy

Located in a former brothel, Midnight Cowboy offers a hidden bar experience with a focus on classic cocktails and vintage decor. Note that guests need a reservation and a secret code to enter.

The Rest, Salt Lake City
Van N./Yelp

Utah: The Rest

Salt Lake City
Hidden beneath Bodega (a street level tavern), The Rest offers an intimate, subterranean pub experience. Known for its eclectic decor and creative cocktails, the bar provides a cozy setting for a night out. The hidden entrance and exclusive vibe make it a favorite among locals and those in the know.

The Archives, Burlington, Vermont
The Archives

Vermont: The Archives

The Archives combines a speakeasy vibe with vintage arcade games. Known for its craft cocktails and nostalgic decor, the bar offers a whimsical and playful setting. The hidden entrance and fun atmosphere make it a standout for those visiting Burlington.

The Jasper, Richmond, Virginia
Brenda K./Yelp

Virginia: The Jasper

Open seven days a week, The Jasper offers a speakeasy experience with its unmarked entrance and prohibition-era decor. Known for its extensive drink menu and intimate setting, the bar is a favorite among Richmond’s cocktail and beer enthusiasts.

Needle & Thread, Seattle
Siqi H./Yelp

Washington: Needle & Thread

Hidden above Tavern Law, Needle & Thread offers an exclusive bar experience. Guests need a reservation and are greeted by a locked door and a vintage phone. The bar’s personalized cocktails and intimate setting make it worth visiting.

Savings & Trust, Summersville, West Virginia
Savings & Trust

West Virginia: Savings & Trust

Savings & Trust offers a hidden bar experience with its cozy, dimly-lit setting and extensive drink menu. Built on the historic Nicholas County Bank, this speakeasy is known for its prohibition-era cocktails and Cajun-inspired food. 

The SafeHouse, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jane B./Yelp

Wisconsin: The SafeHouse

The SafeHouse is a spy-themed bar that requires a password and reservation for entry. Known for its playful decor and inventive cocktails, the bar offers a unique and interactive experience. It also features an extensive beer and wine list, as well as all your favorite bar grub like burgers, fries, nachos, and more.

The Rose, Jackson, Wyoming
Tim C./Yelp

Wyoming: The Rose

Offering a sophisticated speakeasy experience, The Rose is known for its prohibition-era decor and craft cocktails. Located in the heart of Jackson, the bar is known for its intimate setting and comfortable lounge-like seating.

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