Frozen Pizzas That Are Actually Legit



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The People Have Spoken.

Frozen pizzas are a staple of many level-headed and passionate pizza aficionados alike. It could be a quiet and calm, self-care-fueled night in which you find yourself reading by aromatic candlelight only to realize that in the last few minutes, you've been possessed by an all-consuming urge to consume an entire frozen pizza. 

Or, you could've had a late night on the town that left you clamoring to retain a grip on the face of the earth itself, and in dire need of some form of reasonable sustenance. 

This is where frozen pizzas come into play. And you better believe that not all frozen pizzas are packing the same flavor profile and value. Thankfully, this Reddit thread seeks to crown a winner of the bunch. 


Maybe, The Golden Standard.

"Totino's party pizzas are a disgusting mess and I love them. I'm pretty sure the first ingredient is chemicals, but it reminds me of being a poor kid when my mom would lovingly slap some American cheese slices on top and serve it up hot."

– u/nothingbutM via Reddit


Because It's Tough To Top A Tombstone Pie.

"I really like the Screaming Sicilian holy pepperoni. It is like a Tombstone pizza with better quality toppings and sauce. Their Stromboli are also really good."

– u/suraklin via Reddit


Chicago Doesn't Play Around With Their Pizza.

"Home Run Inn. Everything else tastes like a factory."

– u/blackcurrents78 via Reddit

And as a quick follow-up, u/hindermore further confirms there could be something here:

"I have been getting these lately and I am convinced these are the best frozen pizza. I have tried lots of brands over the years but Home Run Inn has been the most satisfying by far. Toppings stay in place, cheese is nice and thick, plenty of meat on the meat lovers, crust is tasty. When you get the plain cheese, it has extra cheese on it. It is also good reheated. It’s a bit pricier than some of the other options but worth it in my opinion. Tons of calories in those things."


Mike Is Wilding Out These Days, And Apparently That's A Good Thing.


– u/Yeahgeebs via Reddit

Yeah, so it apparently could barely fit in the oven. Best take preliminary measures in that case. 

"Yea Wild Mikes! I got to try this when I was in Montana a couple of years ago. 5 bucks and it barely fit in the oven it was so big. Came with seasoning and tasted freakin great."

– u/jack_geller via Reddit


Let's Hear It For Jack's.

"Some of the happiest days of my life genuinely include getting back to my apartment in undergrad, throwing one of them things in the oven for 11 minutes, and eating the entire thing in one sitting like an animal."

– u/LarrcasM via Reddit


A Guilt-Free Pie, It's On The Doc's Orders.

"Dr. Oetker's Cavolo pizza - it's cheese, bacon and kale. The cheese and bacon are for taste, the kale is to make me feel like I'm eating vegetables without actually really tasting like it."

– u/sqwidsqwad via Reddit