Need Some Good Karma? Here Are the Best Things to Donate to Your Local Food Pantry, According to Redditors

Women working at a food pantry

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Women working at a food pantry
dragana991 / istockphoto

Proper Pantry Provisions

Donating to a local food pantry is always a wonderful way to give back, and often flies under the radar as one of the most useful. Looking to clear out your own personal pantry and help out somebody else’s? So was this Redditor, who asked for suggestions on what types of food to donate.

Assistance is here. Here are some of the best items to donate to a food pantry.

Looking for a food pantry in your area? Feeding America provides a map to locate a food bank near you.

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First, See What’s Needed

As mentioned by user r/AilsaLorne, it’s best to contact those who run the pantry and see what they need. “We go through unpredictable cycles of having a lot or none of one thing or another, so if someone asked me what we were most in need of I could tell them."

canned corn

Carb Supplements

Pantries tend to get lots and lots of rice and pasta, so food that can be used to turn those things into full meals are always welcome. Dry beans, crushed tomatoes, and other canned veggies are perfect for that.

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Another staple that can get lost behind boxes of rice and pasta is protein. There are all kinds of proteins out there that can be stored without refrigeration, like canned tuna, beef, and more. Protein bars work, too. These items can transform somebody's basic meal into something more substantial.

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Everyday toiletries can be forgotten in the pasta-and-rice donation frenzy, and things like men’s shaving products, feminine hygiene products, and infant/toddler care are infinitely useful. 

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