9 Best Fast Food Chains, According to Taco Bell Superfans

Sign of Wendy's restaurant in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


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Sign of Wendy's restaurant in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

The Best of the Best

Some of Taco Bell's staunchest fans were able to look past their loyalties and name their favorite fast food chains (besides the Bell) in a recent Reddit thread. Fast food behemoths like McDonald's, Subway, and KFC were largely absent from the discussion, with Taco Bell fanatics praising lesser-known regional chains like Taco Time and Del Taco alongside national favorites like Wendy's. Here are the 9 best fast food chains, according to Taco Bell superfans.

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Culver's Fast Casual Location III


Although Culver's is unheard of on the West Coast, the Wisconsin-based burger and frozen custard chain is a favorite in the Midwest. "We just got one in town and it’s already my favorite," one Taco Bell fan writes. Culver's is known for its aptly named ButterBurger, which comes with a butter-slathered bun.

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Wendy's Hamburgers


Wendy's is second only to Taco Bell, according to one top commenter. Highlights include Wendy's breakfast menu, the four for four deal, and the spicy nuggets. While you can find the burger chain in all 50 states, Taco Bell locations outnumber Wendy's locations by nearly 2,000.

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Del Taco

Del Taco

Del Taco is a small fast food chain, with most of its nearly 600 stores concentrated in California and across the western U.S. That said, if you happen to live nearby, some Redditors swear the Mexican food chain is even better than Taco Bell. "Bigger, better, fresher tacos," one commenter wrote of Del Taco.

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Chipotle's Burrito Loading Zone


Redditors upvoted Chipotle to the top of the thread thanks in part to a few vocal supporters. However, other commenters were quick to criticize the fast-casual chain. The main complaint? Quality has gone down hill. Nevertheless, enough Taco Bell fans like Chipotle enough that it received far more mentions than, say, McDonald's.

Burger King restaurant
Roland Magnusson/istockphoto

Burger King

One Redditor described Burger King as "criminally underrated," adding that the discontinued Ch'king Sandwich was the "best fast food item on any menu." The veggies at BK are also excellent and flavorful, according another fast food aficionado. 

Taco Time restaurant in Seattle


Like Taco Bell, this Pacific Northwest-based chain serves Mexican-American fare such as burritos, tostadas, and tacos for just a few bucks. The franchise's Mexi-Fries — basically seasoned tater tots — are a fan favorite. Despite being only a regional chain with a few hundred restaurants, multiple Redditors backed this relatively tiny fast food franchise.

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Tulsa USA _ Chick-fil-A store with American flag
Susan Vineyard/istockphoto


Given that beef predominates at Taco Bell, fans who have a hankering for a chicken scratch that itch at Chick-fil-A. The Atlanta-based franchise came up throughout the thread, with one Redditor commending its chicken sandwich.

Jack In The Box
Smith Collection/Gado / Getty

Jack in the Box

We can also add Jack in the Box to a long list of coveted West Coast chains, as one Chicagoan says they would "kill" for a meal at the longtime burger joint. While they added that Taco Bell has their "heart forever," the commenter notes that Jack in the Box has exclusive items like the Sourdough Jack, the munchie meal, and jalapeno poppers.

Popeyes checkers and mcdonalds signs at sunrise


Popeyes, and not KFC, received the most love out of the popular fried chicken chains. "Popeyes has the best spicy chicken tender strips I have ever had," one Redditor shared alongside the raising hands emoji. Beyond fried chicken, the chain serves comfort food like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and biscuits.