Best X-mas Gifts to Buy Right Now

15 Holiday Gifts You Need to Buy Now Before They Sell Out

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Best X-mas Gifts to Buy Right Now


The holidays are just around the corner, and while some of us wait until the last minute for discounts, there are some popular gifts this year that are sure to sell out in the coming weeks. From coveted limited-edition toys that fly off the shelves to must-have gadgets, these are the gifts that are sure to delight the receiver. Avoid holiday shopping crazes by acting fast. You'll need to buy these buzzy gifts before they sell out.
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L.o.l. Surprise! Bigger Surprise
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Price: $90 | Buy it on Amazon
The L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are back with another unboxing adventure for this holiday. Kids unpack this plastic purse to reveal a treasure trove of five dolls and accessories like clothes, shoes, hats, and other bling. As kids unpack each and every item, they’ll also uncover stickers and other surprises like a “magnifying glass” to uncover clues hidden in the product packaging. The Bigger Surprise is a larger version of the Big Surprise, which was a top seller last year and sold out quickly at top retailers like Target.

Fingerlings by WowWee
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Price: $30 and up | Buy it on Amazon
Fingerlings, those adorable palm-sized robotic critters that respond to touch and voice, were one of the hottest holiday gifts of 2017. The newest members of the Fingerling family are Hugs: plush monkeys with long limbs made for serious cuddling that are even more interactive than their tiny cousins. They laugh, squeal with joy, and even “toot.” They’re already on the hot holiday toy lists of RetailMeNot, Walmart, and Target.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Price: $60 | Buy it on Amazon
The Nintendo Switch was another hot holiday gift in 2017, and this year gamers are hoping to get the latest installment in the Super Mario Bros. series, a Switch exclusive. The game reunites every single character from past Mario games, plus has guest appearances by characters from Meteoroid and Splatoon. Up to eight people can play, and it supports Nintendo GameCube controllers.

Hatchimals Surprise Ligull Hatching Egg w/Surprise Twin by Spin Master
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Price: $49 | Buy it from Amazon 
Hatchimals were the most popular toy of the 2016 holiday season and just as hot last year — just ask any parent who tried tracking down the sold-out favorite. For this holiday season, the Hatchimal brood has gotten bigger with the addition of the Hachibabies. The self-hatching eggs reveal a fuzzy and colorful baby boy or girl Hatchimal, a “birth certificate,” and accessories like a bottle and brush. Watch them blink, wiggle, and coo as you play, tickle, and feed them.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox
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Price: $160 | Buy it on Amazon
Lego has long been a holiday gift favorite, and the latest generation enables kids to bring their creations to life — ensuring that the buzzy toy will sell fast. The educational Creative Toolbox kit features five robot designs that kids can build and code to move, make sounds, play games, and more.

Twisty Petz
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Price $15 | Buy it on Amazon
Twisty Petz put a whole new twist on toy jewelry. These colorful gem-like creatures transform from adorable animals to bracelets in seconds. Just gently stretch them out and they’ll spring into their new shape. Twisty Petz are available in a menagerie of 70 critters ranging from cats to elephants to unicorns in metallic, pastel, neon, and more. They’re sold individually and in sets of three.

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Price $15 | Buy it on Amazon
Interactive toys are on just about every toy expert’s must-have list for 2018, including these furry, curly kitties. Pomsies can go wherever your child goes, worn around their wrist or wrapped around a backpack. Their eyes change color to reflect their mood, and they’ll respond when you pet them or brush their fur. They even play an interactive freeze-dance game (there are 50 programmed reactions in total). If your youngster has been begging you for a pet, get them a Pomsie first.

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit
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Price $100 | Buy it on Amazon
Potterheads of all ages who want to learn how to code will love this wizard’s wand and its accompanying app for tablets and PCs. Create an avatar, then follow a map through the world of Harry Potter to explore landmarks like the Great Hall and encounter obstacles and puzzles that can only be overcome with magic. Before it’s possible to cast the right spell, however, basic programming concepts like loops using Javascript-based code must be learned.

Hasbro Gaming Don't Step In It!
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Price $15 | Buy it on Amazon
Let’s be honest: Stepping in poop is gross. But it’s got plenty of appeal, apparently, because this board game from Hasbro made the hot holiday toy lists for Amazon and Target. The objective is simple: Be the person to step in the fewest “poops” as you negotiate your way around the game mat while blindfolded. There’s also a unicorn-themed version of the game that’s an Amazon exclusive, but it’s so hard to find that you may end up paying a premium for it from a reseller.

Nerf Rival Prometheus Mxviii-20k
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Price $170 | Buy it on Amazon
Nerf has been making soft, squishy toys, soakers, and blasters for decades. The Rival Prometheus MXVII-20K is a super-sized motorized shooter that fires a blistering eight rounds per second with a 200-round capacity. This beastly blaster is designed for big kids (ages 14 and up, according to the manufacturer).

Monopoly Cheaters Edition
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Price $16 | Buy it on Amazon
Nearly every Monopoly player has cheated at the game at least once, so now they can embrace their criminal tendencies with the Cheater’s Edition of this classic board game. Players are encouraged to steal from the bank, fake a roll of the dice, and skip out on rent as they try to bamboozle one another and win the game.

Littlebits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit
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Price $150 | Buy it on Amazon
Fans of Iron Man and the Avengers can become budding Tony Starks by building their own interactive superhero gauntlet and learning STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) with the accompanying app. Kids can build 18 different projects, including a speed tracker and a voice recorder, as they assemble and reassemble the gauntlet’s high-tech components.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Lego Building Kit
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Price $100 | Buy it on Amazon
No list of the hottest gifts is complete without at least one Lego kit, and this model is on Amazon’s hot list for 2018. With 878 pieces, kids will be occupied for hours as they construct the Great Hall from the Harry Potter movies. It’s got 10 minifigs of Harry, Hermione, Ronald, and their Hogwarts pals, plus details like a magic mirror and instructions for building a Basilisk.

Fallout ’76
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Price $60 | Buy it on Amazon
If you or your teen are a fan of shooter games, the latest installment of the Fallout series is probably already on your wish list. Due out Nov. 14, this will be the first online multiplayer version of the game. Play solo or in teams of four in the public open world of Appalachia or compete with your gaming friends on a private server.

Air Hogs Supernova
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Price $40 | Buy it on Amazon
The Air Hog Supernova is a drone that is controlled with hand gestures as it hovers in front of you. Toss it in the air to activate it, then use any of 30 programmed gestures to make the Supernova revolve around you, boomerang around the room, or play a game with a friend. This futuristic toy is also on Walmart’s list of hottest gifts.