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With 11/12/13 coming up, some couples may view this as a lucky, as in best, day to get married. Others may regard it as a convenient date and easy to remember for anniversaries. Whatever the case may be, there is something to be said for wedding dates such as this. But is the cost of a wedding affected by the choice of a special date?

Lucky Wedding Dates.

Couples searching for the best day to get married inevitably settle on one they expect will be felicitous and lucky no matter the actual date. Still, some dates draw particular interest, such as 11/12/13 this year, 11/11/11 a few years back, and possibly 12/13/14 coming up. While these wedding dates have numbers that line up nicely, they have no bearing on the price of the wedding itself, according to Anthony Navarro, founder and senior wedding planner at Liven It Up Events. The relevant factors are day of the week and time of year (as in, wedding season or not). "Since 11/12/13 falls on a Tuesday, it actually will be less expensive, and since it is November, which is going into the off season, couples will most likely be able to get a better deal on everything," Navarro says.

Wedding Season.

The month in which you get married has costly significance. In most parts of the country there is a wedding season. For example, warm weather months, generally from April to November, are "wedding season" in the Chicago area, while the off season runs January through March. Weddings planned for the off season are going to be cheaper than those set in prime wedding season.

Budget Wedding Days.

For some couples, the best days to get married present opportunities to hold the line on budget. Rates for venues, food and beverage minimums, and even some necessary services are often less expensive on a Friday or Sunday. Wedding dates that fall on the Sunday of holiday weekends (think Memorial Day, Labor Day, and sometimes Fourth of July), however, usually are treated like a Saturday, Navarro explains. During the off season, wedding prices are lower regardless of the day because there are so few weddings during this period.

One disadvantage of choosing a budget wedding day is the potential inconvenience to your guests and wedding party. If you decide the best day to get married is a weekday, your guests most likely will need to miss work. Navarro notes that most mid-week wedding dates have a lower guest count, often limited to close family and friends.

Special event days don't make much difference price-wise. For example, a wedding held on Super Bowl Sunday will likely come at a discounted rate because it's a Sunday during the off season, big-game day notwithstanding. That said, it may be a good idea to provide televisions with the game on during the reception or risk some grumpy guests.

Expensive Wedding Dates.

Many couples consider Saturday the best day to get married because most people have the weekend off, leaving plenty of time to recuperate and/or travel. But be prepared to pay up. During wedding season especially, Saturday is the worst day to get married from a purely monetary standpoint.

Some holidays, such as New Year's, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, are often more expensive than a regular Saturday, Navarro says. Some wedding-service providers (e.g., caterers, florists, bands) pay employees extra for working those days, which obviously means a higher bill for you. December as a whole is a tricky month to plan a budget wedding. While it isn't wedding season per se, it's a month studded with holiday parties, meaning keen competition for venues and services and, generally, higher prices.

Time of Day Matters.

Aside from attention to the best day to get married, plans for a budget wedding should also factor in the time of day. Evening is the most popular time to host a wedding reception, which leaves little room to negotiate discounts. Regina Brooks, wedding planner and designer at Regine Danielle Events & Design, suggests opting for a wedding and reception earlier in the day because lunch or brunch is usually cheaper than dinner. Moreover, an earlier hour may mean less pressure to provide alcohol - another money-saving strategy, she points out.

Other Considerations.

Wedding date and time of day also affect the cost of deliveries. Leslie Short, owner of K.I.M. Media LLC/ K.I.M. Weddings, notes that deliveries are a big budget eater couples often overlook. Additional charges may be applied if you need props, tables and chairs, dishware, linens, etc. delivered and picked up between or after certain hours; some venues rule out next-day pickups.

If Sunday seems like the best day to get married and you want a religious ceremony, make sure you'll have access to the church. Also inquire about fees and any restrictions that might affect the reception.

A lot goes into planning a wedding, whether you're spending $5,000 or $50,000. There is no one best day to get married, and as long as your budget, your own preferences, and your guests are accommodated, you can't go wrong.

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