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EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen


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If you were to heed the wisdom of parents, dermatologists, and oft-quoted commencement speakers, one piece of advice consistently emerges: Wear sunscreen. But which one? To start, you might want to look for the best sunscreen on Amazon. For more than 22,000 Amazon buyers, there's a clear, dermatologist-approved favorite: EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen.

This oil-free, broad-spectrum sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and specifically caters to sensitive skin prone to ​​acne, rosacea, and discoloration. The formula features transparent, mineral-based zinc oxide, which some reviewers credit for the sunscreen's clear, streak-free application. It's also made with hyaluronic acid, which aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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More than 22,000 buyers give this product 5 stars, with reviews coming in from customers of all ages and races. "I've been using this product for two years and will not be without it for my morning routine," one satisfied reviewer writes. "I carry one in my purse for driving (sun exposure) and reapply throughout the day if I leave the house or buildings. I'm nearly 60 y.o. and Asian. I used to have sun damaged age spots, but since using this sunscreen, most faded and keep my skin smooth."

"I am a brown-skinned black woman, and this facial sunscreen is a godsend," another 5-star reviewer shares. "It's so hard for women with brown skin to find a sunscreen that won't leave a whitecast or turn us grey! And the tinted ones are never our color tint. Along with my particular skin issues, I thought I'd never find a good sunscreen, but this product is the answer."

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Touting an SPF of 46, this sunscreen should be applied every two hours. It's worth noting that some buyers experienced rashes and breakouts after application, so it might be a good idea to test on a patch of skin before applying it to your whole face. The brand also has a collection of additional sunscreens ranging from SPF 40 to SPF 46, including UV Daily and UV Clear Tinted Sunscreen.

"I seriously wish I would have found this facial sunscreen years ago," writes one satisfied reviewer. "I'm sure my face would look better now if I had. ... Not only is this sunscreen the much safer mineral kind, but it's so easy to spread evenly over my face and it leaves no white residue. It also doesn't feel greasy or oily and my powder make up easily goes over it. I will use this sunscreen on my face and my daughter's face forever!"

Heading to the beach soon? Adding EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen to your next Amazon order can help keep sunburn at bay.

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