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Hell hath no fury like a bartender scorned. Next time you're at the bar tipping back drinks, make sure you tip on your tab, too — or the drink slinger on duty might just put an end to your happy hour. 

Bartenders have taken to TikTok to share how they handle customers who don't tip, and we have to say, the subtle retaliations are as amusing as they are just.

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Maybe you've had a few drinks and you "forgot" to tip the bartender. Well, don't be surprised if they just forget you exist entirely and suddenly can't hear you when you ask for another Jack and Coke. Jack might listen to you, but the bartender damn sure doesn't have to.

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Haven't tipped the bartender but you just asked for a third vodka soda? One TikToker shows exactly how she handles that situation, filling the glass almost full with soda before adding just a splash of vodka at the end. The customer gets what they ordered and what they deserve. 

Other videos show barkeeps using their double-sided shot glasses (also known as a jigger) differently depending on the customer. If you're tipping well and behaving appropriately, the liquor in your drink will be measured and poured through the bigger side of the glass. Being cheap? You get yours measured with the smaller side. 

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@michellebellexo I’ve gotten asked this a few times in my day & I always answer the same. - 100% - #bartender#bartenderstories#tip ♬ original sound - Michelle Charlotte Bartender

So, what shouldyou tip your bartender? There are a lot of mixed opinions swirling around that topic. The general consensus is that 20% is the average amount you should leave for a tip. One bartender's viral TikTok shows that when guests ask her how much she wants for a tip, she just says "100%" — and she's actually had guests leave her that. She also pointed out in the comments that people with cheaper tabs tend to tip more than those with bigger bills. 

It just goes to show that if you drink enough, your tipping inhibitions go out the window; you'll either spend as much on your tip as you did your tab, or you'll become a non-tipping barfly getting swatted by the barkeep. Choose wisely and drink responsibly, folks.

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