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You probably already know Costco is a winner for scoring a bargain, from prepared meals that'll feed the whole family to affordable dog food. But is the furniture a deal, too? I recently decided to take the plunge and order a Costco leather sofa. After taking into consideration the costs, quality, and unbeatable return policy, I bought the Colby Leather Sofa. And I'm definitely not the only one who is going to Costco for sofas along with my bulk produce and snacks

Costco's Delivery Policies

When it comes to furniture, including sofas, Costco’s policies are just as good as they are for any other item. The store will deliver sofas, but the site also lists what delivery people will not do, which includes: 

  • Remove their shoes (though they will "act with due care to protect your home and merchandise").
  • Lift or hoist merchandise over banisters, countertops or other obstructions, or through windows to complete a delivery.
  • Perform carpentry, electrical, or plumbing work.

So what will they do? Specifically for sofas (and similar items like bed frames), Costco will deliver to the room of your choice, attach legs, remove shipping straps, remove plastic wrap, untie the mechanism on sleepers and motion furniture, remove wrapper around skirts, and remove and clean up debris such as packaging.

My Costco Sofa Experience

I had no problem with our sofa delivery. Setting up a delivery time was simple, and Costco employees arrived both on time and placed the sofa gently where it needed to be. I inspected it carefully for damage, should I need to return it; it looked fine.

And this is where the biggest benefit to ordering a Costco sofa or Costco sectional comes in. You can use a Costco sofa for literally years and still return it. The store will refund your sofa purchase, without any limitations, per their return policy.

What Redditors Say

Worried that this is all great in theory but won't happen in reality? Think again, as one Redditor did exactly that with their Costco sectional sofa in a thread about whether the store's sofas are worth it. 

"I bought a sectional at Costco a couple of years ago," the user writes. "It was pretty comfortable and exactly what I wanted." Nearly two years later, the user's nephew broke the frame. "I rented a truck from Lowes for $20, he and my son loaded it up and I took it back to Costco. They barely questioned me."

A Redditor on a similar thread writes, "I bought my sofa from Costco specifically for the return policy. My $1,500 Costco sofa has already started squeaking after 2 months so I’ll have no qualms of trying to get it refunded if it really breaks down before 5-6 years, which I expect it will."

The Bottom Line

So far, I’ve had no issues with my sofa. It’s been a short period of time, so it’s hard to speak to lasting quality quite yet. But based on Redditors' opinions, a Costco sofa is worth it. Even if there’s an issue after a couple years, you should easily be able to return it — something that is rare among furniture stores. For example, the ultra-expensive home furnishing brand, Room & Board, has a policy that makes it able for the company to refuse a return or adjust the amount refunded. Budget store Bob's Furniture won't refund your furniture once you accept its delivery, leaving you tough out of luck.  Consensus: If you're looking for a mid-range quality sofa at a good price, but are also worried about getting stuck with a sofa mistake, Costco is a win-win on all accounts.

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