Young Students Finding Lunchtime Funny


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If you saw someone choking and you knew the Heimlich, you'd jump into action, right? If you were sitting next to your friend at an outdoor event during a rainstorm and they were getting soaked on the other side of your giant umbrella, would you offer to share? Of course you would. So, when TikToker @hazelgreeneyez85's son told her the only time his classmate got to eat lunch was at school, she sent her kid to school with extra food to share with his friend. 

While it might seem like that's just another testament to human decency, the kids' school had a different opinion. They reprimanded the mom for sending too much food. 

In her viral video, the mom showed what she packed in her son's lunch box: A sandwich, an apple, a clementine, one string cheese, two juice pouches, a pudding cup, two bags of chips, and two snack cakes. She pointed out that if she packed that much food simply because her child was hungry, that should be acceptable. 

Instead, she said that the school's issue was that she was sending the food in for another child to eat. She noted that the school was more than likely aware of the student's apparent home issues, so she didn't understand why they would have a problem with her son's "kind deed." 

Commenters pointed out that the pushback might have been in response to allergy or COVID-related concerns. The TikToker said she would continue to make her son's friend lunch, ending the video with a firm, "The school can kiss my ass."

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Unfortunately, the hungry kiddo in this particular situation is just one of millions. Some 12 million children in the U.S. are struggling with hunger amid surges in food insecurity, according to Save the Children. While sending extra food with your child might seem like a generous idea, it might not be the best — or only — option. Consider donating to a charity dedicated to providing children with lunch at school, like No Kid Hungry.

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