30 American-Themed Restaurants and Attractions Around the World

Wild West Show at High Chaparral

Wild West Show at High Chaparral by High Chaparral Sweden (CC BY-SA)

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Wild West Show at High Chaparral
Wild West Show at High Chaparral by High Chaparral Sweden (CC BY-SA)

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If you travel throughout America, you'll find a near-countless array of restaurants, theme parks and even entire small towns attempting (with varying degrees of accuracy) to recreate the look, feel and flavors of other countries. And if you travel throughout the world, you'll find the same in reverse, with many theme parks, restaurants, and other destinations attempting (with varying degrees of accuracy) to recreate the look, feel and taste of America. Here are 30 overseas venues offering a slice of America — or some interpretation of it — to the rest of the world. (If you prefer domestic amusements, check out these Cheap Must-See Attractions in All 50 States.)

Window of the World, China

Window of the World | China

Window of the World is a theme park in Shenzhen City, offering visitors the chance to see all the world's major landmarks in a single day, from Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower to Angkor Wat and the Taj Mahal. The park also includes reproductions of iconic American landmarks, both natural and manmade: totem poles, Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the U.S. Capitol and other D.C. landmarks, and more, plus smaller-scale renditions of the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

American Museum and Gardens, Bath, England

American Museum and Gardens | Bath, England

This British attraction boasts that it is "the only museum of American decorative and folk art outside the United States." The museum's collections include over 250 quilts dating back to the 18th century (with at least 50 on display in the Textile Room at any given time), Shaker furniture, Navajo blankets and more, plus a series of "Period Rooms" furnished according to different American historical eras. The 30-acre grounds feature a replica of Washington's garden at Mount Vernon, an arboretum, a "Lewis and Clark Trail," and sculptures of notable people from American history. Looking for places to explore more U.S. history? Check out The 40 Best Places in America to Travel Back in Time.

Wild West Show at High Chaparral
Wild West Show at High Chaparral by High Chaparral Sweden (CC BY-SA)

High Chaparral | Sweden

This Swedish theme park focuses on America's Wild West. Throughout this recreation of an old pioneer town, you'll find eateries such as the Restaurant Diligensen ("Stagecoach Restaurant"), offering dishes like lasagna al forno and fried salmon with Hollandaise sauce, and the Pizzeria Manolito, which promises the "Tastiest pizzas of the Wild West." If you want to wet your whistle, you can get a drink at the Saloon Cheyenne or River City First Saloon, and should you drink to excess (better yet if you don't), you can start your next morning's recovery at "Mamma Dalton's Pang-cake house," promising "The best pang-cakes in the Wild West."

Non-edible attractions include activities like gold-panning, horseback riding and target shooting with Annie Oakley, and several shows, including the "Zorro Show," "Indian Show," and "Journey to America," highlighting the great emigration wherein approximately 1.5 million Swedes moved to the United States in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries (a staggering number, considering Sweden's total population in 1850 was less than 3.5 million). Other park characters include Billy the Kid, "Indians," the scary "Gravedigger," and Sven-Erik and Ester Johanson, "clever and helpful settlers who migrated early from Sweden to the small town of High Chaparral." Prefer to stay stateside? Here are 18 Towns Where You Can Still Experience the Wild West.

Indiana Cafe, France

Indiana Cafe | France

Most Americans associate Tex-Mex food with Texas or other states bordering Mexico, a list which does not include Indiana. But the menu at Paris' Indiana Cafe has a Tex-Mex theme, including "Indiana nachos," "hot Indiana quesadillas" and onion rings with curry sauce. Other "Hoosier" cuisine on offer includes the "Indiana combo," a selection of nachos, onion rings, a quesadilla and fried mozzarella sticks; and "Indiana burger" (bacon cheeseburger topped with tomatoes, pickles, candied onions, and a fried egg).

Beverly Hills Diner, Russia

Beverly Hills Diner | Russia

This Moscow establishment is decorated in the style of an idealized American diner from the 1950s, with everything from giant-finned American cars to gleaming Wurlitzer jukeboxes, and memorabilia commemorating 1950s Hollywood.

Most of the menu items look identical to actual American diner fare today, with cheesecakes and banana splits on the dessert menu; omelets, waffles, eggs and bacon among the breakfast fare; and more than a dozen different milkshake flavors. Only the occasional offering of chicken borscht or fish and ginger soup serves as a reminder that this American-looking menu is actually in the Russian capital.

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Jackson Hole, China
Allison Smith

Jackson Hole | China

In China, theme parks and other tourist-oriented businesses aren't the only places to offer reproductions of Americana and other exotic foreign motifs; entire housing developments do, too. Jackson Hole is the name of a mountain resort town in Wyoming about two hours west of Yellowstone National Park — and also of a replica resort town in China about two hours north of Beijing. The 1,000-home development was built as an idealized replica of an American Old West town. But Jackson Hole is not the only fake foreign city in China; the country also has towns meant to replicate Venice, Italy; Interlaken, Switzerland; Hallstatt, Austria; and other cities from around the world.

ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito, Philippines

ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito | Philippines

ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito is a fast-casual dining chain where you can order a "California Burger" with a side order of "Freedom Fries," and wash them both down with a drink of "Libertea." As its name suggests, the restaurant's theme is not merely "American" but "American military." The company's franchise information says that "The stores' visuals and posters give the customer information which is based on truth. The Quonset Hut, a structure used in the military, is a very important element of the stores."

Americamura, Japan

Americamura | Japan

Osaka's Americamura ("American village") district got its name in the 1970s, when American styles became popular among trendy young Japanese, and warehouses in the district started selling secondhand clothes, record albums, and other items imported from America's West Coast. Today, "Ame-mura" remains a fashion hotspot renowned for its nightlife, and the single most "American" feature of the landscape is probably the giant Statue of Liberty replica dominating the street scene.

Alabama Song, Australia
Alabama Song Bar

Alabama Song | Australia

Alabama Song is an Australian bar modeled after a rowdy honky-tonk in America's Deep South with a few Western touches like cowboy hats and boots thrown in for good measure. The bar offers a large selection of alcoholic beverages, a small selection of bar food, and live country music bands playing behind chicken wire.

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Beefcakes, South Africa

Beefcakes | South Africa

Beefcakes is a South African restaurant with three locations (in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Pretoria) based upon a campy American subculture: 1950s gay bars in Miami's South Beach. The website boasts "This is where flamingos flock to be surrounded by camp chic and a touch of madness." Highlights include "beefy waiters," nightly drag shows, and burgers in your choice of beef, veggie, or chicken.

Everland American Adventure, South Korea
Everland American Adventure

Everland American Adventure | South Korea

Everland is the biggest amusement park in South Korea. It's divided into several themed sections, such as "Magic Land" (rides, buildings and characters based on Aesop's fables), "Zootopia" and an "American Adventure" featuring Wild West and rodeo themes combined with classic 1950s Americana. Everland's website says, "It's as if the entire territory of U.S. West has moved here! Starting from the discovery of the American continent, through the Pioneer Era, Rockville, and then youth culture revival and the spread of Rock and Roll ... This zone is built based on the theme of 500 years of American history, from the time when Columbus discovered the American Continent to the 1960s [sic] when Elvis Presley, the 'King of Rock 'n' Roll,' burst on the music scene."

Betty's Midwest Kitchen, Malaysia
Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Betty's Midwest Kitchen | Malaysia

Betty's Midwest Kitchen is a Malaysian restaurant promising to serve "America on a plate" with "authentic and traditional cuisine of the Heartland of America." This does not include casseroles or deep-dish pizza, but the menu does offer "the American hotdog" (grilled pork bratwurst), a hamburger "with melted cheese core inside the grilled beef and pork patty," and pork ribs "as cooked in backyard grills in Midwestern homes during the summer months."

Breakfast in America, France
Breakfast in America

Breakfast in America | France

This Parisian pancake house, modeled after old roadside diners on Route 66, offers American dishes such as blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup, the "Connecticut omelet" (or, as it's known in America, "ham and cheese omelet"), and eggs served with turkey steak on the side. (If the actual Route 66 intrigues you, check out Route 66: Then and Now.)

A'Famosa Old West, Malaysia
A'Famosa Old West

A'Famosa Old West / Cowboy Town | Malaysia

Formerly known as "Cowboy Town," the A'Famosa Old West theme park in Malaysia is one of several attractions connected to the larger A'Famosa resort complex. The website promises those who visit that this reproduction Old West town will "come face to face with its rustic buildings, antiques, cowboys and cowgirls, red Indians, country songs, and stunt shows." Old West entertainment offerings include "restaurants, disco, beer garden, shopping village, game centre, bowling alley, children theme park and funfair ... Our cowboys & indians vow to provide you good evening times."

Captain Americas, Ireland
Captain Americas

Captain Americas | Ireland

Captain Americas (no apostrophe) boasts that it "brought the original hamburger to Ireland back in 1971." It also offers multiple variations on that theme, many of which Americans will recognize — though selections like the Hawaiian burger with "juicy pineapple and tangy Thousand Island dressing" might not be one of them. (Dig into more burger lore with From Mongols to McDonald's: A History of the Humble Hamburger).

Bronco Billy Steakhouse, Japan

Bronco Billy Steakhouse | Japan

Bronco Billy is a Japanese chain of American-themed steakhouses with multiple locations in various prefectures. The company opened its first restaurant in 1978 under the name "Bronco," but changed the name to Bronco Billy two years later because, as its website explains, "Origin of the name of BRONCO BILLY put name 'Billy' of American boy together from 'Bronco' with 'wild horse' meaning, 'it was violent' and thought 'not to always forget heart of boy'." (The English-language version of the website also has disclaimers atop each screen mentioning that translations are done by machine, so "Please note that the content may not be 100% accurate.")

Many offerings, such as various cuts of steak served with sides of yellow corn and potatoes fried various ways, look identical to common menu items in American steakhouses, though the wide selection of "hamburg lunch" options (big bunless burgers, served plain or with various toppings) do not.

The Yellow Rose of Texas, Peru

The Yellow Rose of Texas | Peru

This Texas-themed bar and restaurant is in the city of Iquitos, known as the capital of the Peruvian Amazon. Amazonian tourism may be why, in addition to standard restaurant amenities such as food, drink and free Wi-Fi, the Yellow Rose of Texas also offers showers for travelers, and secure luggage storage while you eat. English-language signs hanging in the restaurant mention not only traditional "farmed" meats, but American game dishes such as venison and alligator.

Texas Street, South Korea

Texas Street | South Korea

Locals in Busan have referred to the city's red-light district as "Texas Street" since shortly after the Korean War, when the U.S. military operated a base nearby and businesses in the district catered to American soldiers. The Americans left when the military closed its Busan base, and today the area is most often populated by Russian tourists and businessmen, though American-themed businesses and eateries still abound throughout the district.

Kansas Bar and Grill, Argentina

Kansas Bar and Grill | Argentina

Kansas is the geographic center of the continental U.S., which might be why this Argentine restaurant chose the name for its upscale American-themed bar and grill. Menu offerings include "Houston ribs" and "Arizona pasta" (served with Alfredo sauce, chicken, cherry tomatoes, and "Arizona spices"). If these don't tickle your fancy, the gift shop sells bottles of red "Kansas Malbec" wine.

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Coney Island Street Food, Italy
Coney Island Street Food/Yelp

Coney Island Street Food | Italy

As the name promises, this restaurant in Rome sells American boardwalk-style food, including hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and fries. Inside, the restaurant is decorated with murals depicting an American subculture so obscure, even most Americans would have difficulty recognizing it: iconic imagery from the 1979 movie "The Warriors."

Le Warner Marrakech, Morocco

Le Warner Marrakech | Morocco

This French-language eatery is actually an American-style diner in Marrakesh. The decor is solidly 1950s, including classic American cars and jukeboxes, with everything illuminated by bright neon diner lights. The menu is standard American diner fare, including burgers and fries, hot dogs and onion rings, and the like.

Fosters Hollywood, Spain and Portugal
Kat P./Yelp

Fosters Hollywood | Spain and Portugal

Fosters Hollywood is a chain of American-food restaurants with almost 200 locations throughout Spain and Portugal. The decor focuses on Hollywood icons and American movies (plus a red-white-and-blue color scheme), though the cuisine is mostly Tex-Mex style.

Pink Flamingo Restaurant and Bar
Pink Flamingo Restaurant and Bar

Pink Flamingo Restaurant and Bar | Poland

This American-style Warsaw restaurant, whose website promises "the best steaks, fahits [sic], ribs, wings and burgers after this side of the Atlantic," is another paying homage to iconic American 1950s diners, with a few anachronistic flourishes. The decor features gleaming Fifties-style chromed furniture and checkered-tile floors and partitions — plus a mirrored disco ball, collection of recent American license plates, and political memorabilia from the Reagan/Bush and Bush/Quayle presidential campaigns.

The American Joint, India

The American Joint | India

The American Joint is a Mumbai eatery offering vegetarian "Indo-Western organic cuisine" that does not imitate popular American foods but was clearly inspired by them, including chili-cheese potato burgers, French fries with tikka gravy and pizza varieties with such New Yorkish names as "Brooklyn Tikka Masala" and "Palak Time Square." Are you a fan of fast food and curious about what people eat in other countries? Check out these 50 Fast-Food Menu Items You'll Only Find Abroad.

The Big Kahuna, Greece

The Big Kahuna | Greece

This Athens establishment is a Hawaiian surfer-themed restaurant offering a selection of American-style burgers alongside a wide variety of fusion food from around the world, including such delicacies as Zimbabwean fried crocodile meatballs with "African spices," Korean duck tacos, and a sweet potato stuffed with Tex-Mex fillings and given the unfortunate name "La Puta Volcano."

The U.S. Steakhouse, Thailand
The U.S. Steakhouse

The U.S. Steakhouse | Thailand

The U.S. Steakhouse in Bangkok says it "captures the true essence of a traditional American steakhouse atmosphere," in part by serving "Premium U.S. Choice Beef cuts." It also offers "all-American lunch" items including "All American Hot Dogs" and "U.S. Beef Burgers."

Tommi's Burger Joint, Various European countries
Tommi's Burger Joint

Tommi's Burger Joint | Various European Countries

Tommi's Burger Joint is an Icelandic chain selling American-style beef burgers and fries (plus chicken burgers and other variants) at locations in Iceland, England, Germany, Denmark, Italy, and Norway.

Varsity Bar and Burgers, Australia
Varsity Bar and Burgers

Varsity Bar and Burgers | Australia

Varsity Bar is a chain with five locations throughout Australia, offering folks Down Under the chance to eat, drink and play pool in an American-themed sports bar. The menu includes a wide selection of beef, pork, and chicken burgers which wouldn't look out of place in American specialty-burger shops, and the decor is a combination of American flags, license plates, and sports team memorabilia.

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Joe's Atlanta Wings, Kenya

Joe's Atlanta Wings | Kenya

The website for this Nairobi restaurant says that the owner founded it in 2016 after searching for spicy chicken wings and realizing they were unknown in his country, so "He decided to bring American flavors to Africa." This statement is posted over a facsimile of the signature of former American President Gerald Ford. The menu offers a selection of burgers, chicken wings, and chicken nuggets that wouldn't look out of place at any American wings joint.

Chicken-Fil-A, Egypt

Chicken-Fil-A | Egypt

Not to be confused with the American sandwich chain Chick-fil-A (though the Egyptian restaurateurs probably wouldn't mind if you did), Cairo's Chicken-Fil-A is an "American restaurant" whose logo shows a ferocious red elephant with flames shooting from its ears. Sandwich offerings include the "Cowboy BBQ" (fried chicken with cheese, cheese sauce, barbecue sauce, onion rings, smoked turkey and lettuce) and the "King Kong" (fried "buffalo chicken" stuffed with cheese, fried hot dogs, peppers, onion rings, ranch sauce and "buffalo nuggets").