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Amazon ushered in 2020 with a futuristic self-driving Zoox robotaxi and now, three years after its unveiling, the robotic ride is taking to the street, becoming the first autonomous taxi to operate on public roads with passengers onboard.

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The robotaxi serves as a shuttle service for employees. The vehicle ran its maiden voyage in Foster City, California, on Feb. 11 with a group of employees riding inside, according to Zoox, an Amazon subidiary. Full-time employees can now travel between two main Zoox office buildings in the autonomously driven vehicle, which seats four passengers and can reach speeds up to 35 mph. 

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After undergoing a lengthy and involved testing process, Zoox received the green light from state regulators to operate the vehicle as an employee shuttle service. The robotaxi can maneuver both left and right turns, detect and abide by traffic lights and pedestrians, and handle other obstacles that might arise during travel

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