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There's something so aesthetically pleasing about Wes Anderson-style TikTok videos. Between the sharp cuts, slow-motion walking shots, and symmetrical compositions, these videos, which typically offer a "day in the life" glimpse are oddly compelling and have become quite trendy, too. One user set out to create her own interpretation, focusing on what a day in her work-from-home life is like, and instead inadvertently filmed the moment she found out she was laid off from her job at Amazon. Vibe: killed.

@sohltrain I debated if i should even post this, but if you got laid off too just know you’re not alone 💕🫂 #wesanderson #wesandersonaesthetic #layoffs #amazonlayoffs ♬ original sound - Hollyhunter101

In the 18-second video (which skyrocketed to more than a million views in just a couple of days), TikToker @sohltrain (Jen Lucas) films herself waking up, brushing her teeth, and enjoying a cup of coffee before logging on to her computer, still in her robe. While she had plans to continue recording her work day, the video moves right into the moment she covers her mouth in shock and disbelief as she reads an email from Amazon, informing her she was being let go from her job. (Seriously, have the Amazon powers-that-be never been dumped via text? Punk move.)

The video ends with the newly unemployed TikToker taking a mental health walk and walking her dog, writing, "Onward to better things" — that's the spirit! 

@sohltrain Replying to @oncloudscott making the best of a ruff situation #wesanderson #wesandersonaesthetic #dogs ♬ original sound - Hollyhunter101

She has since shared subsequent videos of spending time with her dogs and tackling some DIY projects around the house with her newfound free time. And judging by how rapidly and massively her video exploded on the app, we're thinking that the "better things" she is moving onward to might be arriving faster than she thought they would when she hesitantly shared her viral video. Personally, we can't think of a better "farewell" to Amazon than that. 

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Cheapism reached out to Lucas for comment and will update this story if and when we hear back.

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