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What started with Amazon Prime membership price hikes led to the biggest layoff in the company's history, a decline in the number of its Prime memberships, the undoing of its charitable donation program, and now, just to cement itself as a company that knows how to steadily give its customers something to gripe about, Amazon is increasing the price of two of its music subscription plans.

Disney+, Hulu, Spotify, and other subscription services have hiked their prices, leaving consumers to say goodbye to a few extra dollars each month. Starting in February, the price of Amazon Music's Unlimited Individual Plan is rising by $1 to $11 a month, while its Unlimited Student Plan also jumps by a buck a month to $6.

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The latest price hikes follow an increase last May for Amazon Music Unlimited for Prime subscribers, which saw monthly fees rise by $1 to $9 and annual subscriptions climb by $10 to $89.

Despite its move to expand the number of songs available in its library, the price hikes may drive consumers elsewhere, given the availability of so many competing music-streaming services.

Amazon says its updated pricing begins Feb. 21, and customers should expect to see the new price reflected in bills after that date.

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