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From the "Buy it Again" feature to the "Buy it Now" button, Amazon offers more than a few tactics to make its site user-friendly and to entice shoppers to spend money with just a couple of clicks. Still, the online retailer continues to implement more ways to get shoppers to spend, including its latest innovation, Inspire, a TikTok-esque feature on its app that incorporates social media e-commerce.

Not only does the new hub serve as (yet another) place for social media influencers to create and share content, but it's also meant for manufacturers and customers to share photos and videos. The scrollable format might feel familiar to shoppers who peruse TikTok in their spare time, plus shoppers can engage with posts through likes as with other social media sites. 

What users will find on Amazon's Inspire that they haven't seen on TikTok are shoppable Amazon links on featured products. Whereas scrolling TikTok might provide some entertainment, scrolling Inspire will "inspire" you to buy products.

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The rollout of the feature began in December and is ongoing in the U.S. with availability to all users expected within the next couple of months. Shoppers can access Inspire by clicking a lightbulb icon in the Amazon app's lower navigation bar. Users can then select topics they are interested in and choose what type of content they would like to see from fashion and makeup to pets and gaming.

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