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I was at the hairdresser getting layers trimmed when the stylist pulled out a hair spray bottle to wet my hair. This, however, wasn't a spray bottle that I was used to. Instead of a stream of water squirting at me like a water gun, my hair was engulfed in a fine, even mist.

I asked her about this sorcery that was misting my hair like literal dew on a cool morning. She showed me the Hula Home Continuous Spray Bottle ($9 from Amazon). 

It delivers an ultra-fine mist of water that lasts for a good few seconds while you simply hold the trigger down, instead of pumping a bottle over and over again for quick bursts of water. As she used the bottle from different angles, the bottle's mist came out just as well as when it was upright.

This is the hair spray bottle I never knew I needed — in the mornings, I often revive my wavy hair with water. For those with curly hair, fine mist is a game changer. The water comes out super even and makes styling faster and easier. I’m not the only one who thinks so. 

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Amazon reviewers had plenty to say about this mist bottle. “So far so good. The water comes out as a mist with the perfect amount dispensed,” says one buyer. “It is good for spraying your hair or a cleaning product, whichever you prefer. It fits in my travel bag, and is pretty sturdy. I'd buy it again.”

You don’t even have to use this hair spray bottle for your mane. Numerous reviewers love it for misting plants. “Purchased it for my Bonsai tree and it works really well. I can see its uses for other things but for creating a fine mist for plants, it does the job well,” another reviewer writes

This continuous spray bottle would also work well for cleaning or even diffusing essential oils into the air. Another plus: It’s great for those with arthritis, because you can just hold the trigger down without having to keep pumping.

For under $10, it’s worth adding a misting hair spray bottle to your shelf — I know you’ll find a good use for it.

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