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Do you ever feel a bit embarrassed when you see the same Amazon driver drop your boxes off every single day? Yeah, us too. You begin to wonder: Are you secretly being judged for your shopping habit? Is the driver telling all their friends what a jerk your noisy dog is? Do you feel like your overgrown lawn makes them question your purchases? It turns out, Amazon drivers have plenty of opinions about their job and the people they deliver to. 

On a Reddit thread in r/AmazonDSPDrivers, users described the hardest parts of their job. 

“Being attacked by a leashless dog,” says u/Agitated-Internet812, which is certainly understandable. 

Other drivers want Redditors to think about conditions that make their job harder. "Delivering at night. Most people don't leave their porch lights on, and some houses are hard enough to figure out the number even in broad daylight," u/fortifiedmilk shares

Meanwhile, u/Alexc0901 sums up a number of complaints: "The 11 hour day, group stops, houses without numbers, having to wait for people to answer the door because if you just leave it on their doorstep even in the nicest neighborhood they'll give you a bad rating. I don't think these people understand they're 1 of 180 stops and their bad rating affects our bonus."

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In another thread, Amazon drivers talk about how they’re perceived in different neighborhoods.

"In my experience it's based on the zone," says u/dardios. "I deliver in an area that ranges from working class, to middle class white collar types .... and it's a decent commute to the city. Here people do tend to treat me with dignity and respect. When I delivered in a fairly wealthy suburb ($250k/yr+), these people wouldn't make eye contact, would flee inside, and just generally looked at me like a sub human inconvenience. It's night and day."

But thoughts on friendliness and chattiness vary as widely as the driver.

"A few customers told me I'm like the adult version of an ice cream they get excited when they see an amazon truck. The kids always excited and scream (HELLO AMAZON!!)," u/AManHasNoName357 claims. The user adds, "Maybe it's where you live at. Yes, you have a very few ppl that's rude, but the overall experiences I receive been great. I even get tip the wealthy and mid class areas."

In one thread, a subscriber asks if Amazon drivers get annoyed about having to deliver packages to the same address everyday. It turns out you don't need to worry one bit about being embarrassed by your purchases. Drivers typically don't care.

"Personally I like the familiarity of going to the same house or same neighborhoods so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest," says u/deadlywario0.

Adds u/newlife_substance847, "Actually... I enjoy it when I get to see my regular customers. Most are excited to see me. From a delivery standpoint, repetition make the job easier. There's always a bit of guess work when going to a new area/route/house. When you get familiar these things, you actually get your job done quicker."

So now you know you can relax  — no one is judging you. But you may want to leave the lights on ... and put the dog away.

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