A Look Inside Miranda Lambert’s Mom’s Airstream
A Look Inside Miranda Lambert’s Mom’s Airstream

RV Envy

Celebrities do everything bigger than the rest of us. Bigger homes, bigger vacations, bigger clothes, and of course bigger vehicles. It’s not just the fancy cars they drive, but some celebrities have ridiculous trailers, RVs, and tour buses for life on the set, on the road, or sometimes just for living day to day, which HGTV's "Celebrity Motor Homes" and other sources have explored. Here are over-the-top celebrity RVs you have to see.

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Mariah Carey’s Skyscraper On Wheels

Mariah Carey's Skyscraper on Wheels

A single bus wouldn’t be enough for Queen Mariah, according to a season 2 episode of HGTV's "Celebrity Motor Homes." Her double decker is rightfully called a skyscraper on wheels. But even that’s not enough, as the sides extend to give her even more room on the lower floor. A sleek metal exterior with tinted windows maintains her privacy. The rolling castle cost $1.8 million, and all in all, it’s 1,200 square feet.

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A Look Inside Mariah Carey’s Double-decker

A Look Inside Mariah Carey's Double-Decker

The walls extend 25 feet on one side and 35 feet on the other, making room for a whole entourage. A full makeup room is a necessity for a pop icon. Two tons of marble and stone make up the interior. A Kangen water machine cost $4,000 — chump change to give Carey the perfect sip. That second floor houses a dance studio and a 35-foot wraparound couch for when her guests’ dancing feet get tired.

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Brad Pitt’s Trailer
A Look Inside Brad Pitt’s Trailer

A Look Inside Brad Pitt's Trailer

A $60,000 kitchen makes sure Pitt is well fed and healthy. The living room had a 10-foot leather sofa. According to HGTV, the master bedroom included a makeup table, and the bathroom had a walk-in shower for two. Since Pitt had six children with Angelina Jolie, the most important aspect of the trailer was space for all of them to visit.

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Gwen Stefani’s Tour Bus

Gwen Stefani's Tour Bus

Gwen Stefani chose a Fleetwood Pusher for her RV. The exterior has a fairly standard paint job with brown and tan diagonal lines. But inside, the classy, fancy design reflects much more of the savvy for the No Doubt frontwoman, solo artist, and longtime “The Voice” coach (now on a break).

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A Look Inside Gwen Stefani’s Tour Bus

A Look Inside Gwen Stefani's Tour Bus

The all-white interior looks like the office of Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Stefani’s idea was to make it look like a hotel, but it makes The Four Seasons look like The Holiday Inn. It has a lounge for her business partners, kitchen, bedroom, bath and wood mirrored closets. Highlights also include a metal backsplash, marble floor, and a wine chiller.

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Kevin Hart’s Trailer

Kevin Hart's Trailer

From the start, you can tell that comedian and movie star Kevin Hart’s trailer is a unique design, judging from the season 3 episode of HGTV's "Celebrity Motor Homes." From the side, you can see its length; come at it from an angle, and you’ll notice all the ridges and alcoves that will add more space to the inside. It’s two stories and 1,200 square feet.

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A Look Inside Kevin Hart’s Trailer

A Look Inside Kevin Hart's Trailer

The top floor is a screening room with a circular couch Hart calls the U-Turn so up to 46 people can see the screen. Below are wood-finish closets big enough to stand in, an office with granite counters, a lounge with plush couches and big-screen TVs, a makeup station, full bathroom with granite floors.

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Tommy Lee’s Tour Bus

Tommy Lee's Tour Bus

A giant tour bus is always going to stand out on the road, but with the dark red paint and white flames, there’s no chance of missing Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s. It’s named “Scandalous” because Lee’s reputation precedes him. Scandalous was designed by Jennifer Mulroney.

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A Look Inside Tommy Lee’s Tour Bus

A Look Inside Tommy Lee's Tour Bus

Mulroney mixed wood, leather, and marble to create a luxurious, classy atmosphere. The bronze tiles and curves give the whole coach a flow. The front lounge uses distressed leather with baseball mitt stitching. The galley is black with a Jägermeister cooler for alcohol. The light-wood pantry has a slideout bar. He’s even got a washer/dryer, a TV in the shower, and a walk-in closet.

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John Legend’s Tour Bus

John Legend's Tour Bus

From the outside, John Legend’s tour bus looks like the usual musician’s tour bus — painted black with some accents, but nothing flashy or flamboyant. The living room and bedroom can extend so the bus probably looks like a Transformer when everything is opened up (check it out on HGTV).

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A Look Inside John Legend’s Tour Bus

A Look Inside John Legend's Tour Bus

A cream-colored interior, wooden cabinets, floor tile, and leather match. That aesthetic continues back in the master bedroom and bath. Legend's kitchen has a stovetop and oven that doubles as a convection and microwave.

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Kenny Exterior
Kenny Rogers Interior

A Look Inside Kenny Rogers' RV

Inside, Rogers didn't roll the dice when it came to comfort, choosing a recliner fit for a king in the living area. Every bunk bed has its own TV, while the master suite had deluxe bunks for Rogers and his wife, Wanda.

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E Montgomery Exterior
E Montgomery Interior

A Look Inside Eddie Montgomery's RV

Montgomery makes sure his RV has all the comforts of home — or his favorite bar. Anyone who stops in can grab their favorite alcoholic beverage (including wine), a pickled egg, and other snacks. When he wants to escape the party, Montgomery has a deluxe bedroom and bath with a full-sized shower.

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Gary Allan Exterior

Gary Allan's Rolling Castle

Country music star Gary Allan wanted his rolling castle to look "trashy and murdered" on the outside, while making the inside "super slick," according to Great American Country. Not sure if the exterior meets Allan's standards, as it looks pretty good to us!

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Gary Allan Interior

A Look Inside Gary Allan's RV

This RV's all-leather interior has room for Allan's entire band, and a captain's chair that swivels all the way around to give him a view of all the action. The stereo is top-of-the-line, as you might expect for this country star.

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Case Donahew Exterior

Casey Donahew's Customized Bus

Country singer Casey Donahue worked hard to build his career — so it's only fitting he lavished just as much attention on his tour bus. It's customized to his exact. specifications. 

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Case Donahew Interior
Billie Joe Armstrong’s Airstream
April Pizana Photography
A Look Inside Billie Joe Armstrong’s Airstream
April Pizana Photography

A Look Inside Billie Joe Armstrong's Airstream

Spotted inside Armstrong’s Airstream are the surfboard the Gypsies found and window dressings that let the sun in. Zen artifacts hang on the walls, and they actually made the dining table out of a surfboard. 


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Miranda Lambert’s Mom’s Airstream
A Look Inside Miranda Lambert’s Mom’s Airstream

A Look Inside Miranda Lambert’s Mom's Airstream

Adding a crystal chandelier brought out the new white paint job in the kitchen and spray-painted a Virgin Mary for colorful, poignant art. Bedroom curtains made of Western shirts will always remind her of her daughter’s country life, and they also spelled "Mama" in wood. Vintage and pastel music memorabilia added color.

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