13 Things That Are Cheaper at Aldi Than the Dollar Store

Where Aldi Beats Dollar Store

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Where Aldi Beats Dollar Store
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Dollar stores are great for shoppers on the hunt for cheap goods, but they don't always offer the best value. But in addition to offering a wider selection of goods, including fresh produce and meat, Aldi has also rock-bottom deals on everyday essentials. From marginally cheaper to savings of almost 50 percent, here are some items that are a better deal at Aldi. Cheapism compared the prices found at the Aldi store in New York's Harlem neighborhood with those of Dollar General found online. (Prices elsewhere may vary.)

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Healthy, satisfying, and great for entertaining, nuts are one of the most premium snack items. When compared, the price for cashew halves and pieces was higher from Dollar General (60 cents per ounce) than the Aldi price for whole cashews (44 cents per ounce).

Queso Dip
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Paired with chips for a quick nacho fix or slathered on burritos to complete a meal, queso dip is one of America's favorite condiments. The Dollar General version comes in at 17 cents per ounce, while the Aldi version is 16 cents per ounce.

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Used for breakfast, baking, and gluten-free meal prep, oats are a staple in households across the country. Quick-cooking oats from Dollar General are on offer for 15 cents per ounce, while Aldi has them on the shelf at just 5 cents per ounce.

Almond Milk
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Whether you are dairy-free or just like the taste of almond milk, you can score it cheaper at Aldi for $2.59 per half gallon whereas it will cost you $3.50 for the same amount at Dollar General.

Sliced Bread
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For sandwiches, French toast, regular toast, bread pudding, and beyond, sliced bread is a staple. The cheapest offering from Dollar General comes down to 6 cents per ounce, while the Aldi best deal steals the spotlight at half a cent less per ounce.

Laundry Detergent
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The same 75-ounce jug of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent costs $5 at Dollar General and $4.89 at Aldi. The difference isn't huge, but it might add up if you have a lot of laundry to get through.

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Concentrated bleach is a staple for homes and business alike. A 116-ounce jug of Clorox at Dollar General runs $4.25, while a 121-ounce bottle of a different brand is just $2.89 Aldi.

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Dollar General sells this brand name liquid fabric softener for $7, while Aldi sells the same brand for $6.84.

Trash Bags
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A pack of 54 tall kitchen trash bags from Dollar General goes for $6.50, or 12 cents per bag. At Aldi a pack of 80 similar trash bags comes in at $4.89, or 6 cents per bag.

Aluminum Foil
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This all purpose kitchen and home staple runs $1.75 for 40 feet, or 4 cents per foot at Dollar General. Aldi sells their 75-foot roll for $2.29, or 3 cents per foot.

Paper Plates
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The dollar store offers a pack of 86 8.5-inch plates for $5.50, or 6 cents per plate. Aldi sells similar 8.5-inch plates in packs of 45 for $2.59, or 5 cents per plate.

Canned Tuna
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Shelf-stable and packed with nutrition, it's always good to have a few cans of tuna on hand. The Dollar General version will cost $1.45 for each 5-ounce can. Aldi sells a similar 5-ounce can for just 79 cents.

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At the dollar store, 32 ounces of rice cost $1.50, or 5 cents per ounce. Aldi sells a bulk 10-pound bag of white rice for just $4.49, or 3 cents per ounce.