Aldi's Best Thanksgiving Buys
Aldi's Best Thanksgiving Buys


Aldi is one of the most reliable national grocery chains for low-priced staples. With Thanksgiving coming, many holiday cooks are planning large-format dishes that can require a long list of costly grocery items. Thanks to the seasonal and everyday bargains at Aldi, it's easy to put together a budget-friendly feast for a crowd. When planning your menu, keep these deals in mind for classic turkey day dishes.

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Est. Price: $1.99
Mashed potatoes make an appearance at most Thanksgiving meals. Roasted, or even grated and fried, potatoes can add a lot of inexpensive volume to the main meal as well as the meals surrounding the main event.

Cranberry Sauce
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Est. Price: $1.09
Cranberry sauce is one of those items that is an absolute must on the Thanksgiving table. A little tends to go a long way, and a can or two of the pre-made sauce will save precious time without costing extra.

Green Beans
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Est. Price: $1.39
Whether turned into casserole, sauteed with garlic and almonds, or simply steamed, green beans are a traditional way to work something green onto the dinner plate.

Fried Onions
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Est. Price: $2.09
Sweet, salty, and crispy, these fried onions make everything better. From classic green bean casserole to mac and cheese or sprinkling a few on top of mashed potatoes as a garnish, they're a simple and cheap way to dress up vegetable sides.

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Est. Price: $1.29/lb.
The obvious star of the meal, reasonably priced turkey is essential to creating a successful Thanksgiving. Sold fresh and frozen, there is flexibility so you can shop at your convenience.

Canned Creamed Soups
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Est. Price: 79 cents per can
While not the tastiest on its own, creamed soup is a valuable cooking ingredient. Classics like green bean casserole rely on creamed soups, and they can be used to give texture when combined with other stocks for a first-course soup.

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Est. Price: $2.19
Homemade is the best, but unless you have a freezer full of homemade stock, it can be a lot to make on top of all the other dishes come Thanksgiving. Aldi carries a wide array of stocks so you don't run the risk of having dry stuffing or watery gravy.

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Est. Price: $1.29
Making gravy is an art form, one that not everyone has perfected, which is okay. Take the stress out of whisking together the perfect gravy, or worse, running out of gravy by keeping a jar or two on hand.

Corn Flakes
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Est. Price: $1.95
Cornflake stuffing is classic, providing the right texture that is not too soft or too dry. Use any leftovers for a simple breakfast to feed the family on the days surrounding Thanksgiving.

Stuffing Mix
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Est. Price: 99 cents per box
With so much cooking and so many recipes, it's nice to simplify where possible. Stuffing mix makes preparation for this main attraction a breeze. Having a backup box also ensures you will be able to accommodate big appetites.

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Est. Price: $0.79/lb.
Seasonal, dirt cheap, and delicious, it's hard to beat squash for the most bang for your buck. Simply roasted and served as a side, made into soup, or sweetened up and poured into a pie crust, there are so many ways to incorporate these tasty gourds.

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Est. Price: $1.99
It's easy to forget about onions, they are so ubiquitous that we often take them for granted. Stocking up on a big bag of onions ensure you will be able to layer in plenty of flavor into all of your savory dishes.

Sweet Potatoes
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Est. Price: $1.89
Like squash, sweet potatoes can be used as a savory or sweet dish at Thanksgiving. With a high nutritional value and low price tag, it makes sense to incorporate them as much as possible.

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Est. Price: $3.69
Whether you use pumpkins for their culinary applications as a roasted side or as soup, or as decorations and centerpieces, they are an inexpensive way to add a seasonal touch to your holiday.

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Est. Price: $1.19
Mushrooms can make an appearance virtually anywhere in the Thanksgiving meal. Add them to stuffing, gravy, green beans, or on their own for a boost of nutritional and to add bulk. Stuffing and baking them also makes an inexpensive but fancy appetizer.

Sparkling Cider
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Est. Price: $2.69
Having a festive beverage during a holiday is a must. Alcohol can be expensive and not suitable for everyone, while sparkling cider at just a few dollars a bottle is a special treat everyone can enjoy.

Seasonal Cookies
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Est. Price: $2.99
Take one more thing off your to do list by plating seasonal cookies on an attractive platter for dessert. Arranged nicely, these can also turn into a welcome contribution if you are a guest at someone else's place.

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Est. Price: $2.49
Milk is a staple used in everything from mashed potatoes and gravy to biscuits, not to mention in everyone's morning coffee and tea in the morning and post meal. Especially if you plan to have people over, it's important to have enough on hand when grocery stores are closed for the holiday.

Crescent Rolls
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Est. Price: $1.45
Crescent rolls offer an easy way to serve fresh from the oven rolls with dinner. You can also use them to make pigs in a blanket, everyone's favorite appetizer.

Mini Hot Dogs
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Est. Price: $2.79
Cocktail weenies pair perfectly with the game-watching pre-party of Thanksgiving. Paired up with crescent rolls as pigs in a blanket alongside some dipping sauces, they become even more special.

Snack Mix
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Est. Price: $3.99
A good snack mix kills two birds with one stone; it's easy to put out for guests, and it's inexpensive. Snack mixes can also make for a good appetizer option because they're not too filling, so you can save room for the main event.

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Est. Price: $2.19
Crackers are versatile when it comes to large gatherings and big meals. Use these on a cheese plate as an appetizer, or crumble them up on top of mac and cheese for buttery crisp topping.

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Est. Price: $2.99
Apple pie is a nostalgic and delicious way to end the meal. With super low prices on apples, it's easy to create a homemade version to serve at your own dinner, or to bring over to your host's celebration.

Pie Crust
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Est. Price: $1.99
Even seasoned cooks frequently opt for pre-made pie crusts because they are good and oh so convenient. Armed with crusts, it's as simple as pouring in the filling and setting a timer for a (mostly) homemade dessert.

Hot Cocoa
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Est. Price: $1.99
Gathering around to share a cup of cocoa can be one of the most special times of Thanksgiving. Cocoa can be enjoyed by everyone at any time of day, even as an adult-only treat spiked with booze once the kids go to sleep.