The Aldi logo is displayed on the front of one of its stores in a local retail park on Wirral, U.K., on a sunny afternoon.
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Aldi Looks To Add Online Grocery Ordering and Delivery to Its Website

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Aldi has relied on Instacart for years to pick up and deliver groceries to customers, but the chain is now developing its own online ordering system. The grocery giant is collaborating with German e-commerce company Spryker to develop online grocery ordering and delivery through Aldi's website. The innovation comes after Aldi UK tested its own online ordering system last spring, which some users said was "glitchy."

The online ordering service is being tested with an unspecified number of shoppers and Aldi plans to roll it out nationwide, though a date hasn't yet been announced. Aldi employees are fulfilling orders made through the new service, while Instacart workers are still completing delivery orders placed through its website and app.

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Aldi didn't disclose information about what fees the new service charges. It's also unknown whether prices will differ for products bought online from those purchased in-store.


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