9 Aldi German Christmas Treats To Try This Holiday Season

alldi's german authentic treats collage

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alldi's german authentic treats collage
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Aldi Treats That Have "Stollen" Our Hearts

We are officially in the thick of the holiday season, which means Aldi has brought back its "made in Germany" Christmas treats. The German-based grocer's Winternacht line (Winternacht means "Winter Night" in German) offers everything from gingerbread to Christmas bread. 

Here are some of the yummiest Yuletide snacks you can get your hands on at Aldi ahead of Weihnachten.

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Aldi soft gingerbread
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1. Soft Gingerbread

Gingerbread is one of the quintessential Christmas flavors and Aldi offers a few variations of the Yuletide treat. The soft gingerbread comes in a pack of six cookies: three coated in icing, and three covered in chocolate. Just bear in mind: these sweet and chewy delicacies are 120 calories a piece, and you might be tempted to eat all six in one sitting like this Redditor.

Aldi milk chocolate gingerbread hearts
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2. Chocolate Gingerbread Hearts

You can find Aldi's Chocolate Gingerbread Hearts in milk and dark chocolate varieties. These aren't your average gingerbread cookie either. These bite-sized treats are stuffed with apricot fruit filling. Looking at the picture on the package, the cookies look like they might be on the crispier side, but Redditors praise them for their fluffiness. A fluffy cookie full of rich gingerbread flavors, covered in chocolate and filled with fruity goodness? Sign us all the way up.

Aldi iced gingerbread cookies
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Aldi Winternacht cookie and wafer assortments
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4. Wafer Assortment and Cookie Assortment

Crispy cookie fanatics, these assorted bags are for you! If you're wandering around the Winternacht goodies section at Aldi, unsure of what to toss in your cart, these are a safe bet simply because of the variety in each bag.

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Aldi Winternacht stollen bites
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5. Stollen Bites

A cakey, fruity bread, stollen is a traditional German Christmas bread. Aldi's bite-sized iteration offers both marzipan and apple-filled varieties, covered in icing for optimal sweetness.

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Aldi Winternacht almond spekulatius
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6. Almond Spekulatius

These spiced shortcrust biscuits are packed with rich almond flavor. These cookies feature intricate designs and are packed with slivered almonds and warm flavors including nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom. 

Aldi Winternacht butter spekulatius
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7. Butter Spekulatius

Still full of spice like its almond sister, Aldi's Butter Spekulatius has a buttery finish rather than a nutty one. These crisp biscuits melt in your mouth and are the ideal companion for a cup of hot tea or coffee.

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Aldi Winternacht Erdnussberge
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8. Erdnussberge

Aldi's Erdnussberge comes in both milk and dark chocolate varieites, and these chocolate-covered peanut clusters are a fan-favorite at the German grocery store around the holidays. 

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Aldi Winternacht Panettone
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9. Panettone

Like Stollen, Panettone is a traditional Christmas bread, but this one's origins are Italian. Aldi offers two versions of the delicacy. The traditional variety is filled with dried fruit (cranberries and candied orange peel) and the chocolate chip option is packed with — you guessed it — chocolate chips. 

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