The 'Worst' Aldi Foods You Should Never Buy, According to Shoppers

New Aldi Shopping Carts in a row


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New Aldi Shopping Carts in a row

Aisle of Shame

After reading detailed descriptions of Aldi's "absolutely foul" lobster mac and cheese, we feel obliged to caution other shoppers. No matter how much you love seafood, gooey cheese, or the thought of the two mixed together, many shoppers warn: never, ever try Aldi's seafood mac. Although the critiques weren't as vivid or vile, it's worth mentioning eight other products that should stay on the shelf. Here are Aldi's worst products, according to superfans on Reddit.

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Turkey deli Aldi

Deli Meats

If you're purchasing meat, the last thing you want to hear is that it's "extremely low quality." But that's how one Redditor describes Aldi's lunchmeat, which most superfans panned in the comments. "I bought the deli turkey once and it was slimy and tasted terrible," one top comment reads.

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Frozen chicken Aldi

Frozen Chicken Breasts

Just as you don't want your deli meats to be slimy, you certainly don't want to eat meat afflicted by "woody breast syndrome." But that's what you get when you buy frozen chicken breasts from Aldi, one top commenter writes. According Casey Owens, Professor of Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas, chicken breasts become "woody" or coarse when the animals grow too quickly and are under stress.  "If birds are growing really efficiently and fast, they're synthesizing muscle and that adds stress. That stress results in degradation of protein so the composition changes and you get collagen and fat that moves into the muscle," Owens told Today.

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Sharp Cheddar Aldi

Sharp Cheddar

Skip Aldi's tasteless sharp cheddar, which is so flavorless that one shopper thought they had COVID-19 again. "My hamster won’t touch it either," they added.

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Aldi Bacon


Although opinions are mixed, multiple Redditors said that Aldi's bacon is low quality, with one superfan writing that the meat is either "all fat" or "as thin as paper."

Tortilla Aldi


Stick with well-respected brands like Maria and Ricardo, La Tortilla Factory, and Mission Foods when you have a hankering for a burrito. While they may be cheap, Aldi's tortillas taste "terrible" and "have a weird chemical taste," according to Redditors.

Instant mashed potatoes Aldi

Instant Potatoes

Described as a flavorless, "weird glue" by Redditors, it's safe to say that you're better off buying good old fashion potatoes and cooking them yourself. "I don't know how they could screw them up so bad," one shopper said of Aldi's product.

Graham Crackers Aldi

Graham Crackers

Like many of Aldi's worst products, these graham crackers are too bland to recommend, with one shopper writing that they taste "exactly like the box they came in."

Lobster Mac & Cheese Aldi

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Throughout the thread, shoppers shared their stomach-churning experience with this seafood slop, using adjectives like "horrid," "fishy," "briny," and "foul" to describe its nauseating flavor. Just the simple thought of this dish will make you "gag," according to one account. So if there's one product you avoid from this list, have it be Aldi's lobster mac and cheese — unless "you wanna lose your will to live," as one Redditor puts it.