19 Ice Pop Recipes Just for Grown-Ups

Ice Pop Recipes Just for Grown-Ups


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Ice Pop Recipes Just for Grown-Ups

Spiked Popsicles

Not only are frozen cocktail pops tons of fun, they're a lot cheaper than expensive bar drinks. At roughly 6 ounces in size, these homemade treats are also great for portion control and lighter than most desserts. The combination of fruit juices and alcoholic beverages creates a frosty texture supple enough to bite, because the liquor stays soft while the water-based liquid forms hard crystals around it. To make these 19 recipes for boozy ice pops, all that's needed is a freezer-ready mold ($10 on Amazon) and the right ingredients.

Red Sangria Popsicles
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Red Sangria

This ultra-refreshing frozen treat is full of rich wine flavor and fresh fruit. The pops have just enough kick to count as light cocktails. A simple recipe posted on Tablespoon can be adapted to use whatever fruit is around.

White Sangria Popsicles
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White Sangria

Lightly sweet and packed with summer fruit, these frozen drink pops concocted by The Brewer and the Baker are light enough to be enjoyed any time of day. They're especially good for brunch or after dinner instead of a heavy dessert.

Riesling Grapefruit Popsicles
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Riesling Grapefruit

This surprising combination creates a frozen treat that is so crisp, tasty, tart, and sweet that it's hard to have just one. Use any kind of riesling from semi-dry to completely dry, keeping in mind that the sweeter a riesling is, the less alcohol it has. To make the ice pops, combine 3 parts grapefruit juice with 2.5 parts riesling and fill in with thinly sliced grapefruit pieces.

Strawberry Rosé Popsicles

Strawberry Rosé

These ice pops are as pretty as they are delicious. Serve them at garden parties, birthdays, bachelorettes, or baby showers. To make, combine 1.5 parts rosé wine with 1 part simple syrup, and fill in with diced fresh strawberries. Use any rosé, no matter how sweet.

Irish Coffee Popsicles

Irish Coffee

What's better than a cocktail-turned-ice-pop? One that has coffee in it, too. For this seriously adult treat, the blog Feast + West combines iced coffee and creamy liquor in a nostalgic frozen package.

Daiquiri Popsicles


A classic cocktail that epitomizes summer vacation can be enjoyed frozen on a stick. These tart and refreshing cocktail pops are simple to make and pack a punch. Combine 2 parts lime juice, 2 parts simple syrup, and 1.5 parts rum and fill in with thinly sliced lime.

Strawberry Daiquiri Popsicles
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Strawberry Daiquiri

This frozen favorite is halfway to being an ice pop already, so making the jump from a tasty adult beverage is easy. A simple recipe from chef Emeril Lagasse can be adjusted to use frozen strawberries in a pinch. When short on time, skip the straining step.

Mojito Popsicles
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Fresh and minty with a kick, this all-purpose cocktail is easy to turn into an ice pop. Serve these easy-to-make treats created by The Kitchy Kitchen with spicy food to balance the heat, both in the air and on the plate.

Campari Pomegranate Popsicles

Campari Pomegranate

This unique combination is bold, with bitter and tangy flavors to refresh the palate. The stunning color of this treat from Real Simple adds some wow factor.

Screwdriver Popsicles


This adult version of frozen orange juice couldn't be simpler. To make, combine 2 parts orange juice with 1 part vodka. Try not to open the freezer while waiting for the ice pops to set.

Margarita Popsicles


A recipe from Emeril Lagasse takes a universal favorite and kicks it up a notch by freezing it into ice pops. You might want to make a double batch, as it's hard to have just one of these.

Paloma Popsicles
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Mexico's most popular drink, the paloma gets a refreshing makeover with an easy-to-follow recipe from the blog Girl Versus Dough. The tangy and tart flavors of grapefruit beautifully complement the tequila and salt in sophisticated spiked pops. Serve these alongside spicy tacos.

Spicy Mango Tequila Popsicles

Spicy Mango Tequila

Simple to make, spicy mango and tequila pops combine 2.5 parts mango nectar, 1.5 parts tequila, 1 part lime juice, and 1 part habanero simple syrup. If fresh mango is available, throw in some chunks of fruit. To make the pops really spicy, blend a piece of the habanero used to make the simple syrup with the mango nectar.

Peach Bourbon Popsicles

Peach Bourbon

Cool off with these tasty treats from the blog WannaComeWith. Featuring ripe summer peaches for a burst of flavor, along with the refreshing frozen bourbon, they're the perfect treat on a hot, humid afternoon in the South or anywhere else.

Mint Julep Popsicles

Mint Julep

While whiskey isn't generally thought of as a refreshing beverage, the mint julep is an exception. Traditionally enjoyed with ice during hot weather, the drink is a natural for transforming into frozen pops. A recipe from the blog Honestly Yum makes mint julep pops as easy as pie.

Old-Fashioned Popsicles
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While a frozen pop isn't likely to be the first choice for a dedicated old-fashioned drinker, an inspired take by Bread + Barrow could change minds. The treat combines a frozen fruit pop with a classic old-fashioned to make an irresistible, boozy hybrid.

White Russian Popsicles
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White Russian

White Russians taste like melted ice cream, making them an ideal candidate for frozen treats. Just be careful not to overindulge, as the sweet, creamy flavor can make the alcohol seem to pack less of a wallop than it really does. These decadent pops developed by Rachael Ray are best enjoyed as single servings after dinner.

Piña Colada Popsicles

Piña Colada

Naturally creamy, sweet, and usually served frozen, piña coladas make dessert-like treats that are rich and satisfying. The recipe comes from the blog Minimalist Baker. For those who want an additional kick, serve with an extra shot of dark rum for dipping.

Gin and Tonic Popsicles

Gin and Tonic

This go-to summer drink easily transitions into an ice pop. The herbal and earthy flavor of the cocktail is enhanced by the chill of ice. These refreshing pops from the blog Port and Fin go down fast, just like the drinks, so be sure to have plenty on hand for a party.