5 Types of Cancer Linked to Alcohol Consumption

Cut Out Alcohol


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Breast Cancer

Scientists are still trying to define how alcohol causes breast cancer. But it seems that alcohol consumption contributes to estrogen production in women who haven't yet undergone menopause, which is necessary for breast cancer to develop. Women who have two drinks a day increase their risk of breast cancer by up to 31% compared to nondrinkers.

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Esophageal Cancer

It turns out alcohol can make your chances of developing esophageal cancer spike. Drinkers increased their risk of it by seven times, according to a 2009 study by McGill University.

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Mouth and Throat Cancer

When it burns so good going down, that might be a warning sign. Alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing mouth and throat cancer and, in addition to altering your DNA and messing with your hormones, can alter the cellular makeup in the mouth and throat.