Alani Nu Witches Brew

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Once upon a time, I set out to rank all of the Alani Nu energy drinks I could get my hands on, all in the name of journalism. I slugged down 13 of those bad boys and while several wound up on a "never drink again" list, there were a handful that I'd happily slurp down on days when I can't stop yawning and need a refreshing boost. 

But as I downed all of the Alani Nu energy drink flavors I could get my hands on, one loomed like a dark cloud: Alani Nu Witches Brew. The limited-edition drink had just started to roll out, and I wasn't able to find a can anywhere. I will admit: I was not sad. A caramel apple-flavored energy drink sounded grotesque to me, so I was A-OK riding the sidelines on Witches Brew. 

Alas, its siren song grew stronger. I started seeing the bright purple and green cans everywhere, and I kept hearing buzz that it was Alani's best flavor, so (once again, in the name of journalism) I had to try it myself and see what all the fuss was about.

What Does Alani Nu Witches Brew Taste Like?

Alani Nu Witches Brew is supposed to emulate caramel apples, and man did the flavor department dial in here. There's some nuance in the flavor of this stuff that makes it taste more like a caramel apple sucker than an actual caramel apple on a stick, but I'm not mad at it. The apple flavor is present, but it isn't overly tart or sour, and it's muted just enough by the hits of caramel. Instead of tasting like an artificial green apple flavor (which I am frankly not a fan of), the burst of apple in Witches Brew is more like a sparkling cider. 

The caramel notes are harder to describe. Before I took my first sip, I thought the caramel would go one of two ways: It would give the drink a weird consistency like a caramel syrup, or it wouldn't come through at all. Neither of those things happened. You can taste little hints of caramel with every sip, but it's not an overly decadent caramel that doesn't belong in a fizzy drink. Essentially, what happens in Alani Nu Witches Brew is the ultimate balance of fall flavors.

case of Alani Nu Witches BrewPhoto credit: Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

Is Alani Nu Witches Brew Limited Edition?

As you can probably infer from the Halloween vibes on the can (skulls, a cauldron, caramel apples, snakes, spiderwebs, and more), Alani Nu Witches Brew is in fact only available for a limited time. Alani Nu hasn't defined how long the flavor will be available, but once it does become unavailable again, it won't be gone forever. The flavor will roll back out each fall, just in time for spooky season.

Where is Alani Nu Witches Brew Sold?

As with most energy drinks, there isn't much rhyme or reason to where you can purchase specific varieties. You can find this flavor at gas stations, Amazon, and grocery stores. Target and GNC also offer a selection of Alani Nu Energy Drinks. I was even able to find a gold mine of a 12-pack at Sam's Club. The price of Alani Nu Witches Brew also varies depending on where you purchase, but is typically between $2.50 to $3 a can.

Alani Nu Witches BrewPhoto credit: Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

Is Alani Nu Witches Brew Any Good?

This drink surprised me completely. I wrote it off before I ever tried it, and it came out of left field and altered everything I thought I knew about what flavors belong in an energy drink. If I redid my original ranking of all the flavors in Alani Nu's lineup, this bewitching beverage would shine through at number one.

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