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9 Cozy Bedroom Fireplace Ideas to Make Your Space Glow

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10 Cozy Bedroom Fireplace Ideas to Make Your Space Glow

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When you picture a cozy scene, what comes to mind? The odds are a toasty fireplace makes the cut. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, you should make the most of it. This dramatic feature is best served if you design your bedroom around your fireplace and treat it as the main focal point, decorating to evoke comfort and coziness no matter the season.

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Opt for Built-In Bookshelves

Installing built-in bookshelves on either side of your fireplace will give your bedroom extra character and extra storage (not to mention highlight your favorite authors). A local handyperson or carpenter can help make your design dreams a reality. 

You can also opt to display art books (or other oversized texts) on top of the mantel to give them top billing. Not a big reader? Stylish accents like vases, small statues, plants, or bowls will work well, too!

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Illuminate Your Bedroom Fireplace

Add small desk or table lamps to the mantel to create eye-catching and unexpected light sources that can illuminate the space in an inviting way. Remember to use bulbs that create a soft, warm glow. 

You might also consider having a local electrician install sconces, placed symmetrically on either side of the fireplace, for a classic look.

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Stylize With Blankets

A decorative basket layered with warm, knit blankets near the fireplace will be practical if you live in a cold climate and stylish even if you don’t. It’ll really help set the scene for low-key nights spent in front of a roaring fire (with a glass of wine or cup of tea to complete the scene).

Just be sure to keep the blankets a healthy distance away from the fireplace when you light it so you don’t accidentally create a fire hazard.

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Get Artsy

How many movies have you seen with a large oil painting hung above a fireplace? It’s a traditional look that brings warmth to your space and fills that sometimes-awkward spot above the mantel.

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Go Green

Coax out your inner green thumb and adorn the mantel with flowers. The various shapes, sizes, branch lengths, and colors will add organic drama. Again, just make sure none are at risk of catching fire or would be sensitive to the high heat. 

If you don’t use your fireplace, you can also make it a beautiful frame for a vase of flowers or a potted plant placed inside.

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Photo: sihuo0860371 / E+ / Getty Images

Create Depth

A mirror placed strategically above the fireplace will make it seem like your bedroom is much larger by allowing light to ricochet around. It’s also another way to manage that tricky space directly above the fireplace.

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Add Seasonal Flair

Elegant decorative pieces that are reflective of the season—seashells in summer, garlands and poinsettias in winter—can be lovely and will keep your bedroom fireplace decor interesting.

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Make a Grand(er) Gesture

If a fireplace in your bedroom doesn’t feel dramatic enough, consider installing an eye-catching oversized chandelier to act as a second focal point in the room. Consider a piece that matches the color of your fireplace so they perfectly complement each other or a shiny metallic finish that shares focus with your fireplace.