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9 Beautiful Deck Color Ideas to Make Your Home Shine

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Photo: irina88w / iStock / Getty Images Plus

9 Beautiful Deck Color Ideas to Make Your Home Shine

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While you may think decks can only be designed in a few colors, we’ve got news for you. Wood is versatile: you can paint or stain it, and even in its natural form, it also offers a wide variety of different colors, depending on the material type. 

To help expand your deck designing knowledge, we’ve compiled some bold and unique deck color ideas sure to leave an impression.

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Soften With Gray

The soft, weathered gray of this deck is in beautiful contrast to the bright white doors and windows of the house. In addition, it creates a visual segue between the natural world and the built one. Consider this color if you’re going for a similar, soft aesthetic. 

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Opt for Two Tones of Wood

This low structure feels like it rose up from the earth, thanks to the deck’s wood stain that nearly matches the leaf-covered soil. To create a contrast, the beams are a slightly darker wood, which helps the deck pop against the greenery. A local deck stainer can help you look at different shades to pick two that work well together.

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Punch It Up With Pops of Color

A more traditional wood deck can seem fresh and modern when set against unusual and bright home colors. We especially love tones that draw from nature but add an extra punch, such as pastel blues and greens. The addition of simple furniture allows the colors and decorative plants to be the highlight of the space, making this an especially easy one to try for yourself.

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Go Bright With a White Deck

A white deck offers a classic, crisp look, and it doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing style. Depending on your patio furniture, home color, and other accents, it can look like a vacation house set on a white sand beach or present as a sleek, minimalist, contemporary space. In short: It’s a blank canvas for you to style up or down. 

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Mix in Metal

A wood or composite deck can be a great way to blend your home with the nature that surrounds it. However, consider adding metal accents—via the railing or furniture, as seen here—to give your deck an industrial edge.

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Go for Monochromatic Elegance

Commit to one color for your deck that is nearly identical to your home for an elegant and seamless extension of your house’s floor plan. This design is especially useful for homes with an architectural marvel that you don’t want visitors to miss. 

In our example, for instance, all the attention is on the vaulted ceilings, the design of which looks even more elongated with the top-to-bottom monochromatic paint job.

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Highlight Brick

A bold brick house is something to be proud of, so play up the beauty of your exterior with the addition of a stained wood deck. We love the addition of yellow (or other brightly colored) patio furniture to create a focal point, and choosing a contrasting color (like the white shown in the photo above) can make both materials stand out. 

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Extend Your Interior Palette

From the outside, the deck looks like an extension of the indoor flooring, highlighting the organic shades inside and out. While you don’t necessarily have to match your outdoor materials to your indoor ones, it can make your deck feel more like a part of your home’s design.  

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Get Matchy

Don’t be afraid to pick a deck color that closely matches the color of your furniture; double up on muted tones for a seamless look, and use it to create a stark contrast with a clean, white exterior paint job on your home. The result? Extremely chill, beach vacation vibes.