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11 Brilliant Driveway Lighting Ideas You Can Easily Add to Your Home

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Photo: Ivan Hunter / DigitalVision / Getty Images

11 Brilliant Driveway Lighting Ideas You Can Easily Add to Your Home

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Lighting your driveway is a necessity for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same ho-hum lights you see up and down the street. Lighting your way home can be just as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. We’ll illuminate you on some uncommon options below. 

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Build a Fence With Lighted Posts

If you’re up for a bigger project, a fence with lighted posts can line a driveway beautifully, and it’s as elegant as it is functional. It also adds a solid delineation between your driveway and your lawn, preventing the possibility of rogue tires marking up your landscape.

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Hang Solar Lanterns

If trees dot your driveway, think of them like makeshift posts for bright hanging lanterns. There are a ton of varieties, from colorful and ornate to sleek and modern. Plus, if you don’t want to deal with any complicated wiring, many of these are solar-powered for added convenience and energy savings.

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Install In-Ground Rope Lighting

Rope lighting isn’t just for guiding you to the movie theater exit—it’s growing in popularity as an alternative driveway lighting option. Rope path lights create a brilliantly-illuminated trail with eye-catching flair to boot. These also come in energy-saving solar LED lighting. For even more visual interest and beauty, you can line your driveway with shrubs or a flower garden, which will both look gorgeous when lit by the rope lights.

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Consider Recessed Uplights

If you’re not into the look of protruding lights coming up from the ground, recessed uplights are an excellent choice for driveway lights. Bright, outdoor LED lights are nestled in the earth, dotting your driveway and creating a well-lit structure. This style is perfect for anyone seeking a look that is sleek, modern, and minimal.

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Add Solar Brick Lights to Your Driveway Design

In the mood for something really unique? Consider adding solar brick lights to the landscape around your driveway. These come in clear cubes and rectangles that are anything but ordinary. Once the sun goes down, they create brilliantly lit geometric shapes for a truly uncommon and eye-catching style.

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Find Unique Stake Driveway Lights

Your basic bollard style isn’t the only type of stake light you can find for your driveway. From bright colors to unique shapes, there are tons of styles to choose from. You can also find a variety of heights, whether you want something close to the ground or a taller, more visible driveway marker.

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Feature Solar Rock Lights for a Natural Look

If you like to keep your landscape as close to its natural look as possible, look no further than solar rock lights. These look like actual rocks with an embedded LED that creates bright illumination at night. They’re subtle during the day and functional at night.

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Place Lighted Planters Down Your Driveway

Is your driveway lacking in the tree department? Many outdoor lighting trends, like adding planters down your driveway, will add tons of curb appeal—without having to dig or plant anything in the ground. Once you’ve lined your driveway, add stake lights to the soil. As a bonus, the lights will add a brilliant focus to your plants when it would otherwise be too dark to enjoy them.

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Incorporate Landscape Lighting Ideas

Even if you have the most basic outdoor lighting, adding greenery can make it next-level beautiful. Consider planting a flower garden that stretches the length of your driveway or some low-maintenance perennials such as ferns or hostas.

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Consider Moon Lighting

As the name suggests, moon lighting mimics the bright yet soft natural lighting of the moon. Lights get placed high up in the trees above your driveway to create the effect. The way the lights shine through the foliage adds beautiful shapes, too. Unfortunately, this will only work for more wooded properties, but it’s definitely worth considering if you have a lot of trees to work with. Get in touch with an outdoor lighting company near you to learn more about this type of installation. 

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Mix and Match Driveway Lighting Ideas

Depending on your landscape, the type of light you buy, and your desired lighting level, adding only one of these options might not be sufficient. Instead of limiting yourself to the most functional option, consider mixing and matching to create an interesting look that’s totally unique to your home. 

For instance, you can add colorful hanging lanterns from a few trees but supplement them with brighter stake lights. Be sure not to go too crazy, though, as polluting the environment with light and disturbing neighbors is a possibility. Otherwise, line up your options and get creative—who knows what you’ll come up with?