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U.S. Airlines Are Adding a Gender-Neutral Option for Booking Flights

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You'll soon be able to book airline tickets with an "X" gender marker on many major U.S. airlines, according to Airlines for America, an airline trade group.

United Airlines and American Airlines have already made the change, while Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and JetBlue Airways all will implement the gender-neutral upgrade to their computer booking systems by the end of 2024. The commitment comes after U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden engaged with the trade group about gender neutrality.

Airlines that offer gender-neutral options will include a page on their websites detailing how nonbinary individuals should go about obtaining tickets that reflect their gender, including working with a customer service representative if needed.

It's a welcome change for many travelers (why do airlines ask for gendered honorifics like "Ms." during booking anyway?) and part of larger gender-neutral overhaul of U.S. travel systems. The Biden Administration made it possible to choose "X" for gender on passport applications and Social Security cards, and the Transportation Safety Administration has implemented gender-neutral screenings at its checkpoints with changes in imaging, pat downs, and allowing an "X" gender marker on its TSA PreCheck application.

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