20 Destinations That'll Be Surprisingly Cheaper to Visit in 2019


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tourist enjoy of the view from above of Barcelona
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There's no time like the present to begin planning 2019 travel. Cheapism asked the online travel company Hipmunk to analyze its flight booking data and identify destinations that will be significantly cheaper to visit in the coming year than they were in 2018. From Italy to Hawaii, some of the most popular and unforgettable places in the world have gotten more affordable. Here are the top 20.
Florence, Italy
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Price drop for 2019: 65 percent
Average booking: $1,173, from $3,313
Hipmunk attributes this staggering drop in airfare to the opening of routes to the Florence Airport. Whatever the cause, it's a great time to visit the city's world-famous museums, cathedral, and more.

Philadelphia, PA
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Price drop for 2019: 33 percent
Average booking: $306, from $458
Second on Hipmunk's list of biggest airfare bargains for 2019 is another destination rich in history, with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall just a couple of the highlights.

Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida
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Price drop for 2019: 32 percent
Average booking: $377, from $553
South of Tampa on Florida's Gulf Coast, the Sarasota and Bradenton area is the gateway to miles of beaches and cheap, gourmet-quality eats — handy for those contemplating a winter escape.

Venice, Italy
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Price drop for 2019: 28 percent
Average booking: $904, from $1,248
One of the most popular destinations on the planet, Venice continues to struggle with the problem of having too many tourists. A big drop in flight costs won't help keep them away.

Havana, Cuba
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Price drop for 2019: 23 percent
Average booking: $407, from $532
Travel to the fascinating and colorful island nation of Cuba is now legal for many Americans, despite confusion about rules stemming from the White House.

Papeete, French Polynesia
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Price drop for 2019: 23 percent
Average booking: $2,083, from $2,705
Does anyone really need an excuse to visit French Polynesia, a South Pacific archipelago known for beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, and extinct volcanoes? If so, this price break is it.

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Price drop for 2019: 22 percent
Average booking: $1,070, from $1,379
Egypt's tourism industry has begun to bounce back after a rocky few years tied to political instability and terrorism. The government has been working to improve domestic security, and visitor numbers to see such bucket-list attractions as the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx have been ticking up steadily.

Mumbai, India
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Price drop for 2019: 22 percent
Average booking: $999, from $1,280
India's largest city and the heart of the Bollywood film industry, Mumbai is also known for such attractions as Elephanta Island, where visitors can explore ancient cave temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

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Price drop for 2019: 22 percent
Average booking: $1,868, from $2392
This destination deserves to be on every traveler's wish list. Don't miss Nelson Mandela's former residence, now the Mandela House Museum, and other sites dedicated to the struggle to end apartheid, before heading off to go on safari and see South Africa's natural wonders.

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Price drop for 2019: 19 percent
Average booking: $873, from $1,075
Some of the top sights in Spain's capital city include the Royal Palace of Madrid and the Museo Nacional Del Prado, known for its world-class European art collection. Don't miss Plaza Mayor, Madrid's bustling main square, while strolling elegant boulevards and charming parks.

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Price drop for 2019: 18 percent
Average booking: $565, from $692
Fly into Orly airport for easy access to this global center for art, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. Every penny saved on air travel can be spent in more interesting ways.

Amsterdam sunset city skyline at canal waterfront
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Price drop for 2019: 17 percent
Average booking: $752, from $905
The Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, and Rembrandt House Museum are just some of the attractions that keep tourists flocking to this fascinating city, along with Amsterdam's legendary and photogenic architecture and canals.

Edinburgh, Scotland
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Price drop for 2019: 17 percent
Average booking: $1,004, from $1,205
Scotland's capital features such attractions as a medieval Old Town and a lovely Georgian New Town filled with gardens and neoclassical buildings, all watched over by Edinburgh Castle. Keep costs even lower by staying in an amazing hostel.

Delhi, India
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Price drop for 2019: 14 percent
Average booking: $1,281, from $1,494
Home to 18.6 million people, Delhi is massive and includes neighborhoods that date back to the 1600s, as well as bazaars teeming with food cards, spice sellers, and sweets.

horse carriage in Charleston, South Carolina
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Price drop for 2019: 14 percent
Average booking: $308, from $359
Beloved among frequent travelers, Charleston dates back to 1670 and is known for its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and picturesque antebellum houses. Don't miss the elegant French Quarter or the Battery district.

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Price drop for 2019: 14 percent
Average booking: $1,002, from $1,167
In addition to being Switzerland's center of banking and finance, Zurich has waterfront promenades, a 17th-century Rathaus (town hall), and an Altstadt, or Old Town, that demands exploration.

Barcelona, Spain
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Price drop for 2019: 14 percent
Average booking: $728, from $848
There's no shortage of reasons to visit Barcelona, a high-fashion city known for its art and Gaudí architecture, as well as its parks, museums, and churches.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Price drop for 2019: 11 percent
Average booking: $1,261, from $1,417
Pushing the boundaries of architecture and attractions and becoming ever more over-the-top, Dubai is a showplace of wealth and opulence, a mecca for high-end shopping and all forms of entertainment.

Tokyo, Japan
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Price drop for 2019: 10 percent
Average booking: $1,166, from $1,295
A fascinating mix of neon skyscrapers and ancient temples, Tokyo is also a place you can visit museums, picturesque public gardens, and, of course, Tokyo Disneyland. To keep costs down, avoid travel here from the end of April to the beginning of May, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

Kauai, Hawaii
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Price drop for 2019: 9 percent
Average booking: $780, from $855
Kauai is a stunning "Garden Isle" blanketed in tropical rainforest — perfect for a dream Hawaiian getaway.

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