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Costco can be dangerous. Walking past huge quantities of delicious products is asking for trouble if you have no self control like we do. One of our downfalls? The hefty peanut butter pie, which can feed roughly 20 people. It’s way too easy to demolish, and before you know it, you’ve hit a wall where your stomach regrets all your mindless munching. 

We're not the only ones who gets sucked in by Costco goodies. Redditor u/TacosAreJustice posted a thread listing things they can’t buy at Costco because they have no self control, and it definitely sparked thoughts. 

The user listed their top choices:

"Chocolate Caramel… maybe lasts a week," they write. "S’more mix - 3 days? Peanut trail mix - oh god… it felt like it last 2 days, but I probably finished it in a week. Most of the jerky’s. There are some other things I’m hesitant to buy, but those 4 get consumed immediately if they are in my house."

"Those salted chocolate caramels are another no-no. Man! They just disappeared!" exclaims u/Academic-Drop9366.

"I had to make a rule for myself to only buy them when they’re on sale, and I can only buy one thing of them during that sale period. It takes a lot of discipline,"adds u/tenaciousb83.

For other Redditors, it's the huge portions of candy that lead to a free-for-all.

"Giant jug of Peanut M&M’s," says u/Every-Cook5084.

"Yeah I bought that and ate it within a week. My blood was probably like syrup after that," adds u/BongLeach562.

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Costco candy
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Numerous commenters shared other items you should never buy at Costco — and a section of the store that needs to be avoided altogether.

"Anything from the bakery," declares u/ajhansen.

"My doctor banished me from the bakery," laments u/M834.

"I banished myself from the bakery. I don't even go near it when I go to Costco," adds u/PrincessStinkbutt.

Bakery items, candy — what else can Redditors simply not resist? Others agreed on the Heavenly Hunks, small chocolate chip treats that are just a little too easy to pop in your mouth nonstop, making it one of the most mentioned portion control killers.

"Heavenly Hunks omg I can eat so many in one sitting and they’re 110 cals each," comments u/puppyteefs.

"They’re perfectly sized to pop one in your mouth every time you go to the fridge. And then you feel sick and have no cookies left," says u/wisely_and_slow.

But u/ToastedChronical succinctly sums up what everyone is thinking: "This entire thread is a list of things for me to avoid because I totally lack self control." We're with you on that. Especially when it comes to Costco's peanut butter pie

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