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A7 Memobottle 

The A7 Memobottle is designed to fit into small bags or pockets, holding just the right amount of water for when you want to stay hydrated on the go. 

I want to stay hydrated, but it’s not always convenient to carry around a full-size water bottle wherever you go. Enter the flat water bottle. It fits into a pocket or a tiny purse and is perfectly portable. I wanted to be able to pull out my cute little clutches and crossbody bags without having to hold a bottle separately (or waste money on buying bottled water). Enter the perfect solution: a teeny, tiny, flat water bottle.

Best Price: $23 from Amazon

Also Cheap: $23 from Memobottle

Who Should Buy This? 

This compact bottle is ideal for when you need to stay hydrated but don't want to carry a big boy water bottle. The bottle's size is perfect for Lululemon’s uber popular Everywhere Belt Bag. If that’s your go-to bag, this flat water bottle can be a game changer.

flat water bottlePhoto credit: Jennifer Magid

What We Liked 

I figured go tiny or go home, so I went for the 6-ounce size, which is the smallest available. And it is most definitely little: It’s compact enough to fit in a small bag or jacket pocket. The flat, square shape is more versatile than your typical water bottle, and while it looks like it’s made of glass, it's actually made from dishwasher-safe, lightweight plastic. Though I plan to use it for cold water only, it also safely holds boiling water. I thought it was a great size for taking a swig here and there when you’re out and about.

What We Didn’t Like 

Let’s face it — this looks a bit like a flask. Okay, a lot like a flask. So why not just use a flask? The flat bottle is clear and lightweight, so it might be more obvious that you aren’t drinking alcohol in the middle of the day when you're using it out in public. Let’s just hope people give you the benefit of the doubt. (FWIW, no one even looked at me when I pulled it out of my bag to take a sip.) Also the 6-ounce size is really, really small. Don’t count on it for all-day hydration unless you're near a faucet to refill.

What Consumers Think 

Over a thousand reviewers weighed in on Amazon, giving the bottle an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. Reviewers liked it for the same reason I did — it fit well in their bags. There were a few complaints that the bottle leaked and cracked, but so far I have not experienced this. Others said it was overpriced for what it is. I can’t deny that may be the case, but the fact that it is dishwasher-safe and holds hot water may be worth the extra bucks.

water bottle 2Photo credit: Jennifer Magid

Pros and Cons 


  • Designed to fit where other bottles don’t.
  • BPA-free.
  • Lightweight and available in a range of sizes to fit your needs.


  • Pricey for what it is.
  • May leak for some.
  • Not markedly different from just using an average flask.

What To Look For 

If you want to try out a flat water bottle, there’s really only one rule: Make sure the size you choose fits your purpose. I went with extra small, as I hope to use it mainly in tiny bags or even coat pockets. Additionally, keep an eye on reviews that talk about how leakproof the bottle is, as the last thing you want is water leaking all over your belongings. BPA-free plastic and the ability to handle a range of temperatures are also worthwhile features.

The Bottom Line

A flat water bottle is a useful little item to have when you need a tiny bottle for travel, or when you don’t want to carry a lot of water but want to keep some with you. Is it the best thing to take on a hiking trip? Nope. Is it necessary if you carry a giant bag or backpack everywhere? Also no. But if you’re like me and often don't use your little bags because they won’t fit your water bottle, or don't want to use a bag at all while still carrying water, it may be worth spending around $20 for one.

Our Process 

I came across the idea after reading a Reddit thread about people who carry flat water bottles in their tiny purses. I did some general research to see what was recommended by commenters, and landed on the A7 Memobottle. For me, the most important qualities were the bottle's size and leakproof properties. I tested the bottle in some of my smallest bags to see how well it fit; when I was satisfied that it would work, I filled the bottle with water and shook it before placing it in a bag in case it leaked. When it didn't leak, I knew I could safely tuck it into my leather items. 

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