8 American Cities to Avoid at All Costs This Summer

8 American Cities to Avoid at All Costs This Summer

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8 American Cities to Avoid at All Costs This Summer
Cheapism; Depositphotos; MCCAIG/istockphoto; miralex/istockphoto

America's Summer No-Gos

It seems like during the summer, we are all bound to be reckless, and it's in with the "Hooray, it's summer, let's make decisions we'll regret later" and out with rational thinking.

That rings true for making travel plans for the summer in the U.S. Regardless of how beautiful or cool some cities are, come summer, they turn into a hot, swampy mess, overcrowded with tourists, more expensive, and just unbearable. 

So unless you're a fan of extreme heat, suffocating humidity, and swarms of tourists, give these eight American cities a pass this summer.

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Pennsylvania Avenue and United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. USA

1. Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital is a hotbed of political drama and sweltering temperatures, often reaching 89°F. The city is flooded with tourists — over 20 million annually — making every visit to a monument or museum a sweaty, crowded ordeal. From June to August, the city is at its busiest, which means pricier hotels, restaurants and basically everything.

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2. Orlando, Florida

The only thing worse than the blistering heat is standing in line for two hours to ride Space Mountain, surrounded by screaming kids and equally miserable parents.

With temperatures often going over 92°F and millions of tourists, Orlando in the summer feels like walking through a steam room filled with Disney characters and overpriced snacks. 

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New Orleans, Louisiana

3. New Orleans

The Big Easy? More like the Big Sleazy during summer, with oppressive humidity and temperatures around 91°F.  

June through September are NOLA’s hottest months, and you won’t see many major festivals and celebrations during this period, and not much is happening. The air feels thick and soupy, making it hard to enjoy the city.

Miami Beach
Miami Beach by James Willamor (CC BY-SA)

4. Miami

You know who is comfortable in Florida during the summer? Mosquitoes, that's who, and no one else.

While nothing beats spring break, you should stay away from Miami during the summer months. The Magic City turns into a sticky, hot mess, with temperatures often reaching 90°F and humidity levels that make you feel like you’re swimming through the air. The beaches are packed, and the traffic is a nightmare.

Cars in a traffic jam in Los Angeles, California

5. Los Angeles

Los Angeles might seem like the perfect summer destination, but think again. Temperatures can often reach 90°F, and the infamous smog makes air quality poor, especially during the warmer months. 

Combine this with the constant traffic jams and the throngs of tourists crowding every corner of the city — over 50 million visitors annually — and you have a recipe for a sweltering, stressful summer. 

Bellagio and Caesars Palace Hotels, Las Vegas
Jorg Greuel/Getty Images

6. Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas is one of the hottest cities in the United States, with average summer temperatures hitting  105°F.  

  • The heat isn’t the only problem — Sin City attracts around 42 million visitors annually. So, add this up and imagine the Strip during the summer months: a crowded, sweaty mess.

  • Phoenix, Arizona skyline at dusk

    7. Phoenix

    Unless you're a lizard who thrives in 110-degree heat, stay far away from Phoenix. It’s not just the heat that’s unbearable, the air quality is poor, and during monsoon season, the high temperatures are accompanied by high humidity and flash floods. 

    After four to five months of no rain, the sudden deluge turns streets into rivers. Even though it doesn’t attract hordes of tourists, the extreme conditions are enough to deter any sane person.

    new york

    8. New York City

    New York City in the summer can be an absolute ordeal. In fact, many New York residents flee the city in the summer months. Temperatures often hit 86°F, coupled with high humidity that turns the subway into a steamy sauna. 

    With over 60 million tourists annually, the city becomes a congested mess, making every trip to a landmark a sweaty, crowded affair.