7 of the 10 Most Valuable Brands in the World Are American

The Most Valuable Brands in the World

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The Most Valuable Brands in the World
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America the Valuable

"Made in China" has veered away from being a three-word label on the bottom of products and is now the epicenter of hot topic discussion regarding trade and consumerism in the U.S. With so much outsourcing, it might surprise you to learn that more than half of the most valuable brands in the world are American. 

Financial news site TradingPedia analyzed data compiled by business valuation and strategy consultancy company Brand Financial, looking at the 500 biggest brands in 45 countries across all regions and continents to create a map showing which of the world's brands have the highest market value. Cheapism broke down the results to pinpoint which American brands are on top.

Amazon fulfilment centre

1. Amazon

Country of Origin: United States

Value in 2023: $299.28 billion

This comes as a surprise to no one, we're sure, but we're in the business of posterity, folks, so while we won't write a novel about why Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world, we're still gonna dip our toes in. Amazon has its hands on everything from retail to virtual pharmaceutical services to healthcare. Its monetary value isn't lost on a single soul.

The Store sign of Apple Store  at Vancouver Downtown.
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2. Apple

Country of Origin: United States

Value in 2023: $297.51 billion

Steve Jobs would be proud. Walk into any public place with a large group of people, and you'll see more Apples than if you strolled through an orchard. From watches to phones, Apple products rule the world. 

Seattle Tech

3. Google

Country of Origin: United States

Value in 2023: $281.38 billion

"Google it" has to be one of the most commonly said phrases in the world. If you don't know something, Google does. Including how to be a ridiculously valuable brand. Google knows all about that.

Microsoft logo

4. Microsoft

Country of Origin: United States

Value in 2023: $191.57 billion

It has to grind Bill Gates' gears that Microsoft isn't quite as valuable as Apple, but the No. 4 spot is nothing to turn his nose up at either.

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walmart store

5. Walmart

Country of Origin: United States

Value in 2023: $113.78 billion

America's biggest retailer is no doubt one of the most valuable brands in the world. In other words, Great Value has great value. How serendipitous.

Samsung Office in Seoul

6. Samsung Group

Country of Origin: South Korea

Value in 2023: $99.66 billion

From TVs to washing machines, Samsung seeps into several avenues, which is probably how it's come to be so valuable.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
Robert Way/istockphoto


Country of Origin: China

Value in 2023: $69.55 billion

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the third-biggest bank in the world when it comes to market capitalization, and the bank is also one of the most profitable companies in the world, adding to its overall value.

Verizon sign on the office building in San Diego, CA, USA.

8. Verizon

Country of Origin: United States

Value in 2023: $67.44 billion

Does this mean Verizon is the crowned king of cell phone carriers? Gripe about dropped calls and dead spots all you want because this is one brand that isn't struggling a bit.

Tesla Motors in Fremont

9. Tesla

Country of Origin: United States

Value in 2023: $66.21 billion

If there's one thing Elon Musk knows how to do, it's create brands as polarizing as they are profitable. There could be a lengthy list of electric vehicles you've never heard of before, but everyone knows what a Tesla is.

TikTok and Facebook application  on screen Apple iPhone XR
5./15 WEST/istockphoto

10. TikTok/Douyin

Country of Origin: China

Value in 2023: $65.70 billion

TikTok has taken over the world. From recipes and life hacks to trends and dance moves, the app is always good for enacting some buzz — and raking in the dough, too.

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The Home Depot

Other Valuable Brands

These brands round out the top 20 most valuable brands in the world:

  • Deutsche Telekom — Germany 
  • China Construction Bank — China
  • Home Depot — United States
  • Facebook — United States
  • State Grid — China
  • Mercedes-Benz — Germany
  • Agricultural Bank of China — China
  • Starbucks — United States
  • Toyota — Japan
  • WeChat — China

Bank symbol with with coins stack. Concepts of the banking system, rising interest rates, inflation, deflation, and savings.

Most Valuable Industries

Taking the world's most valuable brands into consideration, Tradingpedia broke down the biggest industries within the Global Top 500 brands, basing the rankings on the number of brands within each sector. These are the biggest industries:

  • Banking (14.2%)
  • Retail (10%)
  • Tech (8.4%)
  • Engineering and Construction (6.2%)
  • Telecommunications (6%)
  • Insurance (5.8%)
  • Automotive (5.4%)
  • Media (5%)
  • Oil and Gas (4.6%)
  • Other (34.4%)