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Whether getting ready in the morning takes you two hours a day or a no-fuss routine gets you out the door in 15 minutes, we all have some sort of beauty regimen. Wouldn't it be nice if we could face the world looking put together and beautified without spending a small fortune? Here are 50 frugal tips worth trying.

1. Fight acne with cheap acne treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid. 2. Start with the lowest strength acne treatment (2.5 percent for benzoyl peroxide, 0.5 percent for salicylic acid) once a day and move up to a higher strength or more frequent applications (up to three times a day) as needed. 3. Keep your teeth pearly white and your gums in good shape with a cheap electric (battery- operated) toothbrush. 4. Lose weight and get in shape with a diet plan that teaches you healthy habits for the long-haul. 5. Apply a cheap moisturizer after a gentle cleanser as part of your skin-care regimen. 6. Keep skin hydrated, supple, and protected with an inexpensive moisturizer that addresses your specific skin-care needs. 7. Get silky smooth hair with a budget-priced hairdryer that uses ceramic technology designed to heat evenly and prevent over-drying. 8. Dry hair faster and set your style better with a hair dryer packing at least 1875 watts of power and featuring multiple heat/speed settings. 9. Match your lipstick type to your activity by choosing a matte for work, a cream for a night on the town, and a gloss for all the times in between. 10. Choose a lipstick that incorporates sunscreen to add sun protection to your lip arsenal. 11. Save money on men's razor blade replacements by using an online razor-blade delivery service. 12. Score a free haircut and maybe some styling products by volunteering to be a style or cut model for a hair school. 13. Get measured for a well-fitting bra at a retailer that offers free measurements, such as Nordstrom or Victoria's Secret. 14. Volunteer for a massage by a student studying to be a registered massage therapist and save 30 percent to 50 percent on the cost of the service. 15. Use a thinner mascara brush with shorter bristles to avoid clumps, especially with thin lashes. 16. Remove mascara every night before bed to avoid the adverse consequences of mascara flakes getting trapped under your eyelids. 17. Get dental work done for a fraction of the cost by heading to the nearest dental school instead of your regular dentist. 18. Wear a cheap bra that actually fits, meaning the band lies flat and stays in place, the cups contain your breasts, the underwire doesn't dig, and the straps don't cut into your shoulders. 19. Ensure a close men's shave by using a low-cost electric shaver with a floating head. 20. Replace the electric shaver head every six months to two years for the best results. 21. Freshen up your breath while fighting gingivitis, periodontitis, calculus, and xerostomia with a cheap mouthwash. 22. Protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays with a budget-wise and effective sunscreen. 23. Compare prices from multiple sources when buying makeup for less. 24. Purchase cosmetics online to save money. 25. Make your own mouthwash by finding a recipe online and savor the savings. 26. Use a cheap clarifying shampoo or a vinegar rinse several times a month to eliminate the product build-up on your hair. 27. Avoid using a clarifying shampoo immediately after applying hair color. 28. Treat dry hair with an inexpensive moisturizing shampoo that contains emollients, humectants, and silicones. 29. Replenish dry hair by washing it less often; minimizing sun exposure, dyes and perms; and drinking lots of water. 30. Buy cheap sunglasses labeled as 100 percent UV protection or UV400, both of which indicate the strength needed to shield your eyes against the sun's harmful rays. 31. Try on eyeglasses at a brick-and-mortar store to get a sense of what suits your face and then save money by ordering eyeglasses online. 32. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 for the best sun protection for your skin. 33. Look for the label "broad spectrum" on sunscreen at any price point to ensure your skin is protected from UVA and UVB rays. 34. Get the closest shave possible with a four-blade women's razor. 35. Sign up for the CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club to collect $5 in ExtraBucks Rewards with the purchase of $50 in beauty products (must be used within two days). 36. Check out the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database for information on your favorite low-cost beauty products. 37. Opt for cuticle cream and oils that contain vitamin E rather than cutting your cuticles, which protect us from many germs, according to 38. Change your nail file every few weeks to prevent bacteria growth. 39. Prolong your manicure and pedicure with a topcoat every few days. 40. Don't leave on toe nail polish for longer than three weeks. 41. Skip the pricey eyeliner and use a liner brush to line eyes with mascara or eye shadow. 42. Prolong the scent of your perfume by applying it to the inside of both wrists, elbows, behind the knees, and at the base of your throat. 43. Forget expensive acne treatments and dab a pimple with Visine to drastically reduce the redness; then cover it with concealer. 44. Change out your mascara every three months to forestall bacteria growth and eye infections. 45. Re-wet dried mascara (within the three-month window) by using saline solution. 46. Make your own lipstick by mixing petroleum jelly with loose powder eye shadow, suggests Cosmopolitian. 47. Make your own beauty products with help from sources like DIY Natural, say several Facebook members we polled. 48. Apply petroleum jelly to hands and feet, cover with soft socks and gloves before bed, and wake up to super-soft skin. 49. Wash feet and toes well before bed then apply a thin layer of Vicks VapoRub to your toes to combat and cure toenail fungus. 50. Take off your makeup every night to let your pores breathe and avoid clogging and pimples. 51. Bonus Tip: Buy only what you need and are sure to use. Don't waste money on beauty products that will take up space in your makeup drawer and eventually find their way to the trash can.

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