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Being single isn’t a status reserved just for the young. According to the Census Bureau, about 19.5 million Americans age 65 and older are currently single, and the good news is that it's never too late to find romance. We set out to identify some of the best places for single seniors to consider living based on sources including SeniorAdvice, Provision Living, and OurTime, the dating site for those over 50.

Vero Beach, Florida
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The number one spot for meeting that special someone later in life in the U.S. is Vero Beach, where about 6.9 percent of single seniors are on a dating site, according to Provision Living. Thanks to a relatively small population, there’s not much traffic on the streets and the city has a small-town feel. The city also gets solid marks from SeniorScore, a scoring system designed to measure livability of a city for seniors.

Santa Monica, California
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About 6.5 percent of the senior population in Santa Monica has an active profile on a dating site, making it another top choice according to Provision Living. A city with endless sunshine and beaches, Santa Monica is focused on healthy living and wellbeing. There are also a variety of programs specifically targeting seniors, including classes and a senior Latino club. SeniorScore gives Santa Monica a 75 percent for overall livability, grading it particularly well for having a high number of Medicare-registered physicians and 29 hospitals within close range.
Costa Mesa, California
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A popular California city where seniors are busy on dating sites, Costa Mesa ranks high on the Provision Living list. Just one mile from the Pacific Ocean, Costa Mesa is also known for offering easy beach access, a vibrant arts and theater scene,  and a buzzing culinary scene. There are also 29 parks and a municipal golf course, making Costa Mesa a top choice for active, outdoorsy seniors.
Towson, Maryland
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For seniors who are not snowbirds, Towson is a good option. One of the top-ranked cities on Provision Living’s list, Towson has about 5 percent of its seniors on a dating site. The community is just minutes from neighboring Baltimore’s arts and cultural offerings, as well as the NFL Ravens’ Stadium (for all the single seniors who are sports fans). Towson’s SeniorScore is a stellar 86 percent. Not only are there a high number of Medicare registered physicians in the city, there are also 232 senior living facilities.

Naples, Florida
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A city that appears on both the OurTime and the Provision Living lists, Naples gets top marks for its warm weather, beaches, and substantial senior population. Provision Living also notes that about 3.5 percent of the senior population is on a dating site. The city also gets a very high SeniorScore of 81 percent. There are 104 golf courses in or around the city, 19 parks near the city center, and about 20 malls in the area.
Clearwater, Florida
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About 2.8 percent of the senior population in Clearwater is actively searching for a partner via online dating sites, making this city yet another top choice identified by Provision Living. It’s SeniorScore, meanwhile is 80 percent, thanks to such things as 94 golf courses in or around the city, eight parks near the city center, 173 churches in or near the city, and 12 malls.
Ocean City, New Jersey
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About 48 percent of Ocean City’s population are seniors, according to SeniorScore. In addition, about 2.5 percent of the city’s seniors are active on dating sites. This city also gets fairly solid marks for its recreation offerings, which include seven golf courses and four parks near the city center. There are also about 60 churches in or near the city and six malls or shopping centers within close range.
Charleston, West Virginia
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Charleston appears to be a winning combination all around. About 2.2 percent of the senior population is active on dating sites and it has a high percentage of senior residents, 12 golf courses, 20 parks, and 299 churches. The cost of living is also favorable — property taxes average about 0.63 percent of property value, which is significantly lower than the national average of 1.09 percent. Home health care costs (at about $37,752 annually) are also lower here than nationally.

Torrance, California
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Probably not the most well-known name on this list, Torrance is a small city in Los Angeles’ South Bay. Highlights include 1.5 miles of beaches on the Pacific Ocean and a moderate year-round climate, with an average rainfall of just 12.55 inches per year. Provision Living reports that about 2.1 percent of seniors in Torrance are on dating sites, and there are 108 golf courses, 15 parks, 487 churches, and 37 movie theaters in or near the city. The downside is a high cost of living.
Ocala, Florida
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A central Florida city, Ocala is home to a variety of recreational and cultural attractions such as Fort King National Historic Park (an important Second Seminole War site) and the Appleton Museum of Art, which showcases pre-Columbian artifacts. Silver Springs State Park is popular for kayaking. The city is among those recognized by Provision Living as a top choice, with about 1.9 percent of the senior population busy on dating sites.
Punta Gorda, Florida
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About 1.9 percent of Punta Gorda’s senior population is active on dating sites, and there are a high number of Medicare registered physicians in the area. There are 27 senior living facilities within close proximity, and 55 percent of the population are senior residents. Recreation options include 91 golf courses in or around the city and four parks.

Pasadena, California
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A city famous for being the location of the annual Rose Parade, Pasadena is northeast of downtown Los Angeles. Old Pasadena, the center of the city, is a popular shopping and dining area known for Victorian and Art Deco buildings. The city made it onto Provision Living’s rankings of top choices for singles with 1.7 percent of the population active on dating sites. On the downside, the cost of living is high.

Thousand Oaks, California
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Thousand Oaks is included in Provision Living’s top choices with 1.4 percent of its senior population being active on dating sites. Thousand Oaks gets very high marks for its health care offerings, which include a high concentration of Medicare-registered physicians in the city, five hospitals within close range, and 146 senior living options.
Honolulu, Hawaii
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Sun, sand, and outdoor activity options are just some of the attractions of Honolulu. Provision Living’s ranking notes that 1.2 percent of the city’s population are active dating site members. The city also gets an 82 percent from SeniorScore thanks to its recreational offerings, which include 34 golf courses, 20 parks, and 16 movie theaters. There’s also a high concentration of seniors already living here with 31 percent over 65.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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The top-ranked city for single seniors according to the OurTime and SeniorAdvice study, Pittsburgh is recognized for having top notch health care, a low cost of living, and free transit for seniors. There are plenty of recreational and entertainment options in the area, including 125 golf courses, 34 parks, and 28 movie theaters and malls.
Scottsdale, Arizona
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OurTime and SeniorAdvice give Scottsdale high marks as a choice for single seniors, thanks to its warm weather year-round and a large senior population. The city received an incredibly high SeniorScore of 86 percent, putting it significantly higher than national averages. Scottsdale’s enviable scores are tied to its substantial healthcare and recreational offerings. There is a very high number of Medicare registered physicians within city limits, and did we mention the 159 golf courses and 20 parks?
Cleveland, Ohio
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With its notable performing arts scene, excellent public transportation, and top-ranked Cleveland Clinic, this Ohio city receives a nod from OurTime and SeniorAdvice. Cleveland also gets a good grade for recreation offerings, which include 141 golf courses, 19 parks, 23 movie theaters, and 17 malls.
St. Louis, Missouri
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St. Louis is at the top of the recommendations from OurTime and SeniorAdvice thanks to its high concentration of churches (593), low cost of living, and top healthcare offerings. The overall cost of living in St. Louis is very low compared to national averages. The annual home healthcare cost here, for instance, is $44,163. As for recreation, there are 107 golf courses, 39 parks, 34 malls, and 27 movie theaters.
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Sitting in the Sangre de Cristo foothills, Santa Fe oozes charm with its renowned Pueblo-style architecture. The city is also home to a buzzing creative arts scene. It gets high marks from OurTime and SeniorAdvice for being home to a large senior population and mild weather year-round. About 32 percent of the city’s residents are seniors. Among its recreation and entertainment options are nine golf courses, 24 parks, 18 malls, and 12 movie theaters.
Birmingham, Alabama
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Birmingham is a place where single seniors can find affordable living and a history-rich culture, according to OurTime and SeniorAdvice. Property taxes are significantly lower than national averages and assisted living costs ($34,587 annually) are very low compared to national averages. As for recreation, there are 37 golf courses and 23 parks. Birmingham also offers about 34 malls and 18 movie theaters in or near the city.

Memphis, Tennessee
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Besides being famous for its blues and rock and roll history, Memphis is recommended by OurTime and SeniorAdvice due to a large concentration of single seniors, a huge number of parks and activities, and a low cost of living. There are 38 golf courses in or around the city and 42 parks near Memphis’ center. Also noteworthy are 459 churches, 36 malls, and 23 movie theaters.
Madison, Wisconsin
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Madison is ranked a top city for seniors by OurTime and SeniorAdvice. There has been rapid growth of the senior population within the city, and Madison offers strong economic growth. The city gets high marks for health and safety and has a high number of Medicare-registered physicians. Residents have an average life expectancy of 80, and recreation options include 35 golf courses and 19 parks.
Plano, Texas
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Mild year-round weather is one of Plano’s attractions, according to OurTime and SeniorAdvice. There’s no state income tax, and the city is home to a significant amount of senior housing. Standout offerings in Plano include a very high number of Medicare-registered physicians, 23 hospitals within close range, and 242 senior living facilities. There are also 84 golf courses in the area and 25 parks near the city center.
Dayton, Ohio
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Top-notch healthcare and an abundance of festivals and leisure activities are some of the reasons Dayton is a good choice for single seniors, according to OurTime and SeniorAdvice. There are 70 golf courses, 14 parks near the city center, 316 churches, and 28 malls.
aerial view of downtown Miami, Florida
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Miami is home to a large and diverse senior population according to OurTime and SeniorAdvice, making it a great choice for singletons. There are plenty of options for fun and recreation, and Miami also does well in the health category, offering a high number of Medicare-registered physicians and 30 hospitals within close range. Recreation highlights include 67 golf courses, 19 parks, and 319 churches.

Spokane, Washington
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Spokane offers mild weather all year long, a plethora of wineries, and abundant natural beauty. These assets are just some of the reasons it made the cut with OurTime and SeniorAdvice. The city is also affordable and growing. It gets high marks for a low cost of living compared to national averages and solid health care offerings. There are a high number of Medicare-registered physicians, eight hospitals within close range, and 113 senior living facilities.
New York, New York
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Though it may seem hard to believe that New York City is a good choice for senior living, but this bustling city was included among the top choices for single seniors from OurTime and SeniorAdvice. The city is a diverse melting pot, it’s very walkable, and there are abundant healthcare options. In addition to having a very high number of Medicare-registered physicians, there are 98 hospitals, and 370 senior living facilities. participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you choose to purchase a product through a link on our site. This helps support our work and does not influence editorial content.