15 Hilarious Pics That Only Costco Fans Will Understand

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Costco Cult Rise Up

There are so many things to love about Costco that sometimes we can feel like evangelists! Costco, the unadulterated king of wholesale deals, breeds a type of loyalty that few brands enjoy. 

Here's a collection of jokes, photos, and posts we've found that share our love of Costco. 

Soda buckled up at Costco
u/PoetryofLogicalIdeas / Via reddit.com

"My tiny Costco hack of the day."

"I love it when the rim of my cup touches the area where dirty diaper babies sit mmmmmmmmmmm

/s" - u/thisweight0000'

"Yuck" -u/TVIXPaulSPY

Costco Airlines tweet
@JonEJacobs / Via Twitter.com

"As long as the in-flight meal is anything from the food court."

"It would actually be named Kirkland Air. It would be rebranded comfort+ seats sold as a four pack, served with hotdogs and pizza. Sign me up!" - u/Hon3y_Badger

"You will need to buy tickets in 3 packs, pay with Visa only, but you get a free return ticket if you are not satisfied." - u/dvornik16

Costco Tuxedo cake
u/iforgothowtohuman / Via reddit.com

"Warning! Do not buy the tuxedo cake!!"

"Unless you're prepared to eat the whole [darn] thing yourself in maybe 2 or 3 days. Because you will. 

I am." - u/iforgothowtohuman

Costco Supreme Pizza
u/Xavierwold / Via reddit.com

"I miss you. 🧡 Please come home soon."

"[Dang], this picture made me really happy.. then made me real sad." - u/Content_Bar_6605

"I googled my Costco recently just to look at pics of the combo pizza because i missed it so much and that’s exactly how I felt. Joy from the memories that the combo pizza brought back and then the pain and sadness of it not being in the US or Canada. Now I’m sad I never saved any combo pizza pics onto my phone" - u/Sososoftmeows

Costco Hot Dogs out of stock
u/_________________1__ / Via reddit.com

"Doomsday. Hotdogs are out of stock!"


We will overcome!!" - u/Esleeezy

Costco father and son
u/Shankypanky11111 / Via reddit.com

"New favorite picture of my boy and me."

"Joined a couple months ago and now the 2 year old cheers when he sees the Food Court. And as you can kinda see in our cart, we ain’t shy to load it up." - u/Shankypanky11111

"My local Costco let me have my hotdog in my headshot."
TV from 2002 being returned to Costco
u/estaack / Via reddit.com

"I just watched someone return a TV — it was purchased in 2002"

"I thought it was a prank when I saw it. As a person that doesn’t really take advantage of Costco’s impressive return policy, would a person receive a full refund?" - u/estaack

"Love your, “I’m witnessing some wild stuff” grin in the reflection." u/chezewizrd

Shed at Costco
u/pencileveryone / Via reddit.com

"Would they know if I hide in the shed prior to close and stay overnight?"

"as a current costco employee- at my location we check all the sheds and even the freezer/coolers at close lol" - u/Muted_Entrepreneur89

"Get a red vest, and when the real Costco employee opens the door and discovers you, calmly and politely explain that you’re currently checking that shed, and they need not worry" - u/micah490

Costco membership card with a tire for a photo
u/TBC_25 / Via reddit.com

"After 7 years at Costco nobody has noticed my wife is not a tire."

"They've noticed her attire." - u/TerranPhil

"In her defense, she is wheelie attractive." - u/gokc69

Costco hot dog bumper sticker

"Bumper Sticker Out In The Wild"

"Never thought of it before, but now I want this as a shirt." - u/mrgraff

Costco line with carts filled with toilet paper

"Costco 2020 - never forget"

"Oh, it wasn't just toilet paper. I walked into Costco on March 13th 2020. It was chaos.

Lines back to the rotisserie chickens and then some. People with three and four overflowing carts. People had entire carts filled with nothing but meat. It was crazy.

I just turned around and walked out." - u/straylight_2022

Costco Dinosaur Cake expectation versus reality
u/No1-fruitcake / Via reddit.com

"Expectation vs reality. Supervisor discounted to £0.01 for us."

"My brother in law’s birthday cake. When ordering, my sister thought it would be funny to call him an old dinosaur but the end result was even funnier! We didn’t complain, just laughed along with many of the employees that were called over to take a look. My sister said laughing that she “could do a better job than that” and I think the sup thought fair point and discounted it to £0.01." - u/No1-fruitcake

"Bakery got too busy so the tire department tech stepped in to help." - u/joshhan

Funny tweet about Costco as a hobby
@simoncholland / Via twitter.com

"Look it, I don’t make fun of your hobbies"

"It's has gotten a LOT better as our children age, but my Wife and I used to use our weekend Grocery Shopping, and Costco Run as our "Date Night", even if it was a mid-afternoon on Saturday.

There are phases of life that get so complicated, crazy and chaotic, that an hour, 90 minutes, in Costco, slowly shopping with my wife, was calming and carefree." - u/KG7DHL

Costco Pants joke
u/pkpkpkpk / Via reddit.com

"Costco - start of the spiritual journey"

"There are two things you should know about folks who buy pants from Costco:

  1. They do what it takes to live
  2. They not afraid to die" - u/shiggity80