10 Cities That Are Too Hot to Visit in Summer

Cooling off

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Cooling off
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Summer Must-Not Visit Infernos

There's a common misconception that summer is the best time to visit most places. Because, hey, it's summer — the weather will be swell, right? Well, in some cities, it's not just swell — it's sweltering hot. Some destinations are famous for their sunny weather year-round, but visiting them at the peak of summer can mean stepping into a furnace. Here are 10 cities that turn into infernos during the summer. 

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Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

10. Rome

June to August Average Temperatures: 83°F–89°F

Best Time to Visit: Mid-March through May

When in Rome, bring sunblock. The "Eternal City" is one of the most historically important and charming cities in the world. But during the summer months, especially in July, it really turns into the "Infernal City." The entire city of Rome is basically an open-air museum, and that requires a lot of footwork, which can be very testing under the relentless summer sun, the crowds, and the unforgiving cobblestones. While you can refresh yourself from one of the 2,500 nasoni fountains across Rome, which provide free fresh drinking water, to really enjoy the beauty of Italy's capital, visit it in the milder weathered seasons like spring or fall. 

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Houston, Texas, USA Drone Skyline Aerial Panorama

9. Houston

June to August Average Temperatures: 89°F–94°F

Best Time to Visit: November to February

The Texas sun is an unforgiving one. With temperatures often soaring above 90°F and humidity levels that make the air feel like a wet blanket, visiting Houston during the summer is a rather sweaty affair. In July and August, the heat reaches its peak, making midday outings particularly daunting. While Houston offers plenty of air-conditioned shelters for a truly enjoyable visit, consider planning your trip for the milder months of spring or fall. In these seasons, temperatures are more manageable, usually ranging from the mid-60s to the low 80s. 

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Downtown Miami, Florida
Gabriele Maltinti / istockphoto

8. Miami

June to August Average Temperatures: 88°F–90°F

Best Time to Visit: December to May

Considering that Florida is ranked as the hottest state in the U.S., it might make you think that visiting Miami during the summer is not the best idea. Come summer, the "Magic City" cranks up the heat and turns into a furnace. From June to August, temperatures regularly exceed 90°F, with humidity that makes the heat feel even more intense. Iconic spots like South Beach and Ocean Drive become endurance tests under the blazing sun. If you visit sometime from November to April, your chances of enjoying Miami in pleasantly warm weather are better.

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All Egypt Pyramids Camels Line Walking Wide Angle

7. Cairo

June to August Average Temperatures:  86°F–104°F 

Best Time to Visit: April, May

It's not exactly a surprise that Cairo, the heart of Egypt, becomes a sweltering challenge during the summer months. From May to October, temperatures often soar into the high 90s and sometimes even cross the 100°F mark. The heat, combined with the intense desert sun, can turn a dream vacation into an exhausting ordeal. The best time to visit Cairo is during the cooler months, from November to April when the temperatures are much more bearable. So, unless you're prepared to brave the heat, it's wise to plan your Egyptian adventure for the milder seasons.

keanu2 / iStock

6. Bangkok

June to August Average Temperatures: 90°F–95°F 

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Visiting Thailand's capital city during the summer months can be an endurance test for even the most seasoned traveler. From March to May, the city's temperatures regularly exceed 95°F, with suffocating humidity that amplifies the heat. If you're set on visiting Bangkok, aim for the cooler, more pleasant months from November to February. During this period, temperatures are more manageable.

arcady_31 / iStock

5. Seville, Spain

June to August Average Temperatures: 90°F–92°F 

Best Time to Visit: November, February 

This Andalusian gem isn’t just the hottest city in Spain — it is also one of the cities with highest temperatures in all of Europe. From June to August, Seville frequently sees temperatures soar above 100°F, turning your visit into a sweltering ordeal and making it tough to enjoy the city's rich cultural heritage.

View of the Acropolis of Athens in Greece
Leonid Andronov/istockphoto

4. Athens

June to August Average Temperatures: 86°F–95°F 

Best Time to Visit: March, April, May, October, November

Athens may be the cradle of Western civilization, but from June to August, with temperatures often soaring above 95°F, it turns into a sizzling cauldron. With heat waves pushing the mercury even higher, it's wise to put a pin in visiting Athens during the summer and come in more breathable seasons like spring or fall.


3. Marrakech, Morocco

June to August Average Temperatures: 86°F–92°F 

Best Time to Visit: April, May, October

Marrakech becomes unbearably hot during the summer months. From June to August, temperatures can go to well over 100°F, making it one of the hottest cities in North Africa. The heat radiates off the city’s distinctive red walls and narrow alleys, creating an oven-like atmosphere that can sap your energy quickly. While the evenings are cooler, the heat of the day lingers well into the night, offering little relief.

Aura Dubai Skypool
Aura Skypool

2. Dubai, UAE

June to August Average Temperatures: 104°F–106°F 

Best Time to Visit: November to March 

The heat in Dubai during the summer can be described as having a hairdryer on the highest level blowing in your face non-stop. From June to September, temperatures often exceed 105°F, with humidity levels that can make it feel even hotter. While you can get shelter from the scorching heat in one of Dubai's many luxurious shopping malls and aqua parks, if you want to experience outdoor adventures or take a dip in the Persian Gulf, your best bets are the shoulder and low seasons from November to March.

Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona desert landscape

1. Phoenix

June to August Average Temperatures: 104°F

Best Time to Visit: November through April

Phoenix, one of the hottest cities in the USA, is one of those places where you can literally cook an egg sunny side up on the car windshield during the sweltering summer sun. From June to September, temperatures regularly exceed 100°F, often peaking around 110°F or higher. While Phoenix does offer numerous air-conditioned indoor activities, the true charm of the city lies in its stunning desert scenery and outdoor lifestyle. These are best enjoyed when temperatures are more forgiving. Summer in Phoenix is best avoided unless you thrive in high temperatures and are prepared to stay indoors most of the time.